Hi All,

New post as I can no longer edit the title of my previous one … and which is now a continuation of this one … Previous Post

Since the last full play through, I have continued to build module two and noticed those few points as noted in the previous post. They are all minor and will not prevent the game from being finished, but as two of the issues (a) Item Received feedback and (b) Inventory Control, relate to potential player experience, I decided to release v2.87 that covers all the last points I observed in my own continued testing from the last couple of weeks.

Download the latest available here.

Going forward, I will do as I did in the previous post and continue to raise any points that I will address in any future releases in this post (until it is updated again). I also encourage any potential players to report any issues they encounter here (although there should be none by now).


  1. Paused Inventory: If a player picks up and item and does not look at in their inventory while unpaused, then its information may not be updated immediately. So, in the unlikely event that the player pauses the game and checks the same item, the information will return a blank page (until unpaused). In the next update, the code has been improved to reduce the likelihood of a blank page, and allows the player to simply click a second time (even while paused) to gain the information anyway.

  2. Weapon Condition Info: Another update will mean weapon condition information will update immediately when (equipped) hovered over or clicked in inventory after any “repairs”, without the need to unequip (if equipped) and then click select to view updated info.

  3. Weapon Module Transfers: Code has been updated to ensure variables on weapons (including unique “rune” properties) are preserved between module changeovers when using an exported PC. This required an update to the XML for the EXPORT button, so that items could be moved to a place of preservation on a character prior to being exported. Works like a charm! This now also means there is no variable update UNTIL the export button is specifically clicked.

Thanks, Lance.

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Hi All,

As it has been over a month since I noticed any other issues (and had none other reported), I decided to upload version 2.88 to update those minor points detailed in the previous post above.

For the record, and for this module one download, I removed the “Sundries” folder that has been added to my campaign folder for use with newer modules, to keep the download smaller for now. If and when module two is released, the campaign folder will contain all the additional files at that time. (It saves around an additional 100 MB download.)

Once again, please give any feedback, especially if you believe there is a problem which needs addressing.


Thanks, Lance.


Hi @Lance_Botelle. I installed the Scroll, and had a question.

Is there a way to increase the font size of the UI? My normal UI mods increase the font size but I no longer have them. Even just a workaround like editing .xml files will be helpful.

Also, a comment. The game crashed the first time I installed it, because I didn’t clean out my localvault. You might want to warn people to rename that directory as well, if they’re in the process of renaming all their overrides and UI directories.

I added 5 pts to all the font sizes in LBAlthea/fontfamily.xml. It mostly works, and I can read the text now :slight_smile:

Except I can’t see any of my skills (names or numbers) anymore. That window has really tiny spaces for the fonts. Do you know which font that window corresponds to so I can change it back?

Hi Phill,

I am surprised any font size needs increasing, as I am also one who like a bigger font and thought the sizes I used were quite big already. :smile:

What computer screen resolution are you using? I setup all fonts to work with 1920x1080, so if you are using a larger resolution than that, it may be worth changing that instead of altering XML files, as it can have problems as you encountered already.

Can you take some screenshots with added arrows pointing to and showing where you have problems for me?

I am not sure which UI font you are referring to, but you could try altering the ones you changed back one by one until you have it back again. Or, put my XML (from download) back and then try altering one by one the other way.

Give me some screenshots so I can see what your problem looks like, as I cannot imagine why you are having any issue on a font size as it stands. Also, is this on a PC or MAC?

EDIT: LOCAL VAULT CRASH: If possible, could you provide me a copy of the local vault folder you have that is causing a crash? I would like to narrow the issue down if possible.

Cheers, Lance.

EDIT: Below are some screenshots with text as it should look:-

Bear in mind this image is of lower quality to prevent huge upload. It does, however, demonstrate font sizes.

I think its just my personal preference. Normally, I would say that your font size is ok but there’s so much more reading in your mod. I gave up reading long passages before I increased the font size (+5 pts as follows).

It mostly works except for the skills page:

As for my localvault, it’s because of characters from the Conan mod. That mod warns you that its chars will crash other games, and if you try to add a Conan char to another mod, it indeed crashes it.

But your mod will crash before even the add step, just scanning a localvault with a Conan char crashes. You can’t pick “select a char” if you have a Conan char in your localvault. At least on my computer. Not a big deal, I just renamed my localvault, no more problems.


The game is fun so far. Much more interactive than normal nwn2. I liked that even unnamed NPCs will give you quests, and I really like the Ripped Scroll puzzle (every cool). I didn’t like the math / count the consonants & vowels puzzle though for 2 reasons: 1. it seems to be out of setting (why would fantasy world have those kind of puzzles on a door? I expected some kind of tumbler puzzle), but 2. my increased font size screwed it up and it didn’t display the vowels/consonants so I had to shrink the fonts to pass it (the consonants - vowels one in 11 secs is quite hard, took me 3 tries :slight_smile: )

I’m stuck now though on the 2nd level of the fairy tale Creator/Editor book quest. Can’t get past the impressive door. I thought my opening stone would work to open it, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. I’m running out of vigor, and that plus carry weight is a real problem. And I’m running out of food, not for a rest, but for a wait+rest.

Funny thing, I thought I cleared the level, but goblins seem to be ambushing me whenever I pick up something heavy :slight_smile: No movement (lack of vigor, many stats debuffed, heavy items) = dead companions, no rez, so reload :frowning:

Do you have a script that sets ambushes on item pickup? That’s caught me badly many times, because I’m overloaded and can’t move. My main char being overloaded also seems to make my companions move slowly (maybe unreliable memory, but I had a situation when none of my party could move all of a sudden after an item pickup, maybe they all lost vigor < 50% just at the time). As a packrat, I hate futzing around with inventory, I’m ready to just cheat inventory carry capacity (give mega strength to an archer, no damage impact, just to carry stuff).

I like the everyone follow button, and the stand ground button. You really need one for everyone attack button. Most of the risk in the fights come from party members asking “Should I attack?” and me spamming Attack 3 times to make sure every one attacks. (I usually turn off AI and don’t use pets to avoid this, but I wanted to try your AI). The standard everyone attack command doesn’t seem to work on everyone, people still ask Should I attack after I issue it. Your advanced follow/stand ground buttons seem more reliable, and so having a similar everyone attack button would be very convenient.

Just some small gripes, great mod overall, I can tell you put a ton of effort and passion and innovation into this! I could use a clue on the impressive door, please, so I can continue.

Hi Phill,

OK, I have a lot of answers (and suggestions) for you. :slight_smile:

First, I think you will have potential problems with a larger font. Hopefully, it will be nothing critical, but, honestly, I cannot tell, as you may find you cannot read important info (like some puzzles). Anyway, let me try to help you in any other way I can …

LOCAL VAULT CRASH: OK, good to hear that you know what causes that. As you say, if it is only due to that mod (which gives its own warning), then it may be that there is nothing I can do my end, as it is due to material that is over and above what “should” be present.

MATH/LETTER PUZZLE: It’s a “representative” cipher puzzle. (There are also “Tumbler Puzzles” that you will find.) NOTE: There are also two other ways this “cipher” puzzle can be helped with, rather than face it head on: 1) Acquire some “Decipher Tools” (from Kathy, the Apothecary), and that will allow you to bypass a stage. Use them on the hardest section only. 2) Acquire the Expert Decoder feat, and that stops any counter pressure. i.e. No countdown.

GOBLIN QUEST (DOOR): It sounds like you are referring to the door on the second level. If this is the case, then you need to search EVERY room, as it is “always in the last place you look”. It means you have not searched every room. It’s a play on the Sebastion’s own words of the story and the way he wrote it. Check every junk pile in every side chamber - my wife struggled to find this key too. :wink:

GOBLIN QUEST (FOOD): There is unlimited food on the third level (once you get past the door). You can also eat some mushrooms you find that will restore some vigour.

GOBLINS RESPAWN: This should NOT be happening. Can you send me a saved game folder? There is no code that I can think of that would produce this result. i.e. Picking up an item should not result in any type of spawning. That does not make sense, and has never been seen before. :frowning: i.e. Once you have cleared a level, it should remain cleared. EDIT: I spotted a bug where some encounters could potentially fire twice, which may have been what you experienced. This is being fixed for v2.90.

EDIT: I just checked my module and there are only five goblin encounters on that level and they are all set to once only. There are an additional 9 placed goblins. That’s all.

GOBLIN AMBUSHES: No, there is no ambush or encounter setup related to this. This is either a bug (which I have never seen in any of my own testing), or something currently unexplained for other reasons. Can you send me a saved game folder?

RESTING: Resting will become possible once you reach the next level where you can acquire food. Once rested, your stats should improve and thereafter everything else. At later levels, you can acquire the Create Food spell, which also helps alleviate such issues.

ATTACK ALL: In my own testing, I found that the right-click and the select “Attack All” button worked as normal. There should be no reason why your followers do not follow this attack command as normal. This is why I never implemented an attack one, as I did not think it was necessary. Again, if you could provide a saved game folder, I will try my end for you. :slight_smile:

Phill, your feedback is MOST welcome! :smile: Unless players do what you do, builders can never improve or provide better material for players. EDIT: Your experience made me go and check and helped me to locate three bugs! That’s superb feedback!

Please, help me by sending me a link to where I can download a saved game folder of yours, and I will look at those aspects that should not be happening for you. (a) Goblin spawning on acquiring item and (b) Creatures not following attack command.

There are two other things to be aware of:-

INVENTORY WEIGHT: Be prepared to share the weight around your companions if need be, until you can restore their vigour and strength. EDIT: I forgot to mention that weight control has become MUCH EASIER if you remember that you can right click on an inventory item and use my GIVE TO command, which allows easy transfer of items to other PCs, with weight references.

COMBAT ATTACKS: Just one simple trick that may help here - Try coming out of the game, restarting your computer and reloading. I have seen that fix spurious AI issues before. (Also, remember if AI is off (red brain), then every time you switch PC, you need to give fresh orders.)

EDIT: Also, puzzles normally have a “?” in a corner, which if clicked on gives you more information about it. i.e. Tells you how you can bypass it in other ways.

Do come back and let me know with a saved game folder,

Many thanks, Lance.

EDIT: By the way, what Vol Gift have you chosen? Because if you have “Companion Protector”, then as long as somebody survives a combat, then all recover. Also, if you have the “Life Essence Auto Rebirth” enabled (and carry sufficient Life Essences) on a PC and they die, then they are automatically raised at full hit points.

EDIT: Also, some aspects of this module will require some extra thinking. For instance, if you find yourself somewhere without food, and you have none, then you may want to reconsider and ensure you are well supplied before taking any risks, especially if you rely on spell users quite a bit. Also, while not impossible, some areas may be a lot more difficult at lower levels than others, and some aspects (at lower levels) you may need to work around to survive. I also find that sometimes (especially where resources are low or compromised), you may need to turn AI off to ensure you keep spells for essential use if recovery of them has been compromised. E.g. In the Halls of The Goblin Kings, the party are put in a position where food is scarce, and so the player should instantly be on their guard with respect to survival and resources. They should think twice about casting a magic missile on a goblin that may be easily overcome with weapons, in case that magic missile becomes “essential” later on. And by “essential”, I mean, make ones escape easier without having to avoid certain aspects. i.e. Escape is still possible, but the party will have to be much more guarded and be prepared to avoid or run away from some situations.

EDIT: I am just replaying through the dungeon myself, and made it the very first one I did, which means I am very weak and should struggle. The only thing I did was to ensure I have weapons and food before starting it. NOTE: If I started the dungeon and did not have food, I may have reloaded it to ensure I had some food before doing so. However, I am used to ensuring my PCs have food before setting on any adventure, just in case anyway. :slight_smile: I’ll write my results in a bit …


  1. My PCs started with AI on, and I “lost” a lot of spell power early on (fighting Goblins), which I left as a result because I want to see how I now might proceed. I have now turned AI off to conserve resources.

  2. I have been using mushrooms I find to keep healed, but I also have “Companion Protector” in the event of any PCs falling in battle. (I am conserving my Life Essence" usage for now.)

  3. Because I used my spells early on, I am going to have to try and avoid the magik weapons as I am struggling to defeat them. Reloaded and avoiding them now.

  4. I have no thief and so am suffering traps where I fail to disarm them. Eating into my healing resources.

  5. Not having anybody to be able to Open Locks (nor a Knock spell) meant I had the whole party bashing a door down, which took about five minutes. (That’s just my unbalanced party making it difficult for myself though.) Also due to the fact that I ignored the animated weapons where I could have found a more helpful weapon for the job.

  6. Not having the Expert Decoder feat on anybody gave me a momentary challenge getting to level two, but I managed it. Now to see if I have any problems you report. (I had none on level 1.)

  7. Still looking for key, but have a hard fight versus the Warden as I am low on resources. (Spotted a bug in creature name, which I fixed and uploaded in v2.90.) Will try to defeat Warden without resting to see if it is possible.

  8. Barrels were not prone to exploding when trying to use them tactically. (Fixed in v2.90.)

  9. After having to use a couple of Life Essences (for rebirth) and do some run and hide tactics, I was finally able to defeat the Warden. Now to find the key and descend. Surviving so far.

  10. Was taken out by a Goblin group, but faired better on a reload. Resources are low now. Still searching for key.

  11. FINALLY SUCCESS … (Without needing to rest) … Also no spawning problems you had, but I suspect they were just the ones that were remaining for you to do. EDIT: I did, however, note that some encounters could fire twice, so that is also fixed in v2.90. Also, I had no problems carrying equipment, as I moved it around to help spread the weight. My party was:-

  12. Warlock (Level 1 - 7hps)

  13. Cleric (Level 1 - 10 hps)

  14. Bard (Level 1 - 9 hps)

  15. Sorcerer (Level 1 - 7 hps)

  16. Wizard (Level 1 - 5 hps)

  17. Cleric (Levl 1 - 9 hps) … Had no spells > 0 as had lost faith.

Did have “Companion Protector” and did use some Life Essences to help survive. Used nearly every healing item I found on two levels.

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Hi All,

While doing some testing, I noted that the creatures sometimes had a more sensitive PC detection than was required. Therefore, to help improve overall performance, I have removed the test that causes creatures to react before necessary. E.g. In the Halls of the Goblins, creatures could be “heard” even before they had been encountered, causing the game to try to run an encounter before line of sight was made.

This latest version also sorts out a minor text overlap when viewing stores.


The creature difficulty feedback was not being added to the creature encountered name, and had the potential to cause more difficulties moving forward. (Introduced in v2.88 and 2.89).

Also fixes:-

  1. The “hardness” of Explosive Barrels, which are supposed to be more vulnerable to attack than they were.

  2. Prevent an encounter from firing twice in some places.

Fixed in v2.90 (Sorry to the person who just downloaded v2.89.)

Download latest again. AVAILABLE NOW!

Thanks, Lance.

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Hi Lance. I PMed you my save file. To compare:

  1. I suppose I’m a bit underleved for this quest. I did it second after the bat quest, and my main just turned level 2. Tailor is level 1. I only have a party of 3, a rogue and 2 cleric NPCs I picked up.

I didn’t buy any food since I spent my original money on armor + weapons, not figuring that I’d get them free. Didn’t really know about food.

  1. I have Vol Gift: Foresight, and Vol Gift: Party Survivor. I haven’t figured out what the Vol Gifts do yet. I just randomly picked them.

  2. I didn’t have any problems with healing. Mainly because I have the healing wand from Tailor. I used up all 25 charges and have used a Life Essence to recharge the wand. I got 9 charges back, and I still have 10 Life Essences left.

  3. I haven’t been using mushrooms since I don’t know what they do. I ate a few but didn’t notice much healing, nor much healing of vigor.

  4. I have a rogue but wasn’t able to disarm any of the first level traps (too high DC). I walked around them manually, except poor Sebastian (who I can’t control) died a few times to them. I had better luck on the 2nd level with trap DCs.

  5. I ran from the animated weapons after failling to kill them 3 times. That + traps unable to be disarmed is when I figured I was underleveled.

  6. Most combat was ok as long as I was properly positioned, since I had the dog + a summon pet and great access to healing. Ambushes were tough though and would cause companions to die. Their pictures would disappear from the right side, and I would have to reload.

  7. I do have some ghost goblins chasing me. They’re one of the 5 encounters. They killed me once in the past and when I reloaded I didn’t see them. I thought they moved on, but they’re still hanging around, ready to ambush me when I pick up stuff :slight_smile:

  8. I’ll spend some more time looking for the key. I originally thought the Opening Stone (with cool icon) was the key, but clearly it’s not. I don’t know what the Opening Stone is for.

  9. I left a bunch of chests unopened on level 1 since I didn’t know how to get past the tumblers.

So you can see this as a sample of a first time player’s playthrough of this part and compare against your version :slight_smile:

Regarding the ambushes, it might just be coincidence. But the phrase “You hear something” pops up quite often when I pick stuff up, and I turn around and there are goblins.

After I wrote my message, I realized that this would actually be very clever behavior for goblins. Adventurers are so greedy and always run straight to the treasure chest. And then won’t drop items even though they’re too heavy :slight_smile:

That’s a huge tactical advantage for the goblins! Good for goblins but terrible for my playstyle. Since I depend on positioning to get me through battles, that really hurts.

I have all my guys close to max carry weight and so every time I pick something up, someone is overloaded and I have to drop some stuff. I’m also close to 50% vigor and every time I drop below 50% level, all 3 of my guys lose strength, get overloaded and can’t move. That happened once in the middle of battle and it’s the best debuff the goblins can get on me. Normally I would go sell stuff, but I’m stuck in the dungeon. I can’t rest (to regain vigor, forget spells) because I have no food. Even standing around loses vigor. Makes a lvl 1 dungeon into quite a memorable challenge :slight_smile:

A question I have: why do boxes have a low limit in how much stuff you can put in them? I like to throw my trash into a box instead of dropping it so I don’t see it on retracing my steps through the dungeon. But here, the boxes have a limit of 3 or 4 items and so I can’t stash all my extra stuff in a box. Again no biggie but just curious.

Hi Phill,

I’ll check out your saved game file shortly, but here are a few answers for you now … :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ll answer your second post too … check in a bit.

From what I read a bit later, your main issue is probably due to (a) Lack of food, and (b) No Companion Survivor feat, which help a lot. Also, if you switch on Life Essence rebirth, that will also help a lot. Otherwise, doing it at those levels should still be achievable. :wink:

I thought that may have been the case.

This gift is very important decision you make, as it determines your play style - i.e. If you prefer to “survive” a battle, then Companion protector is the one to choose. However, you do appear to have good healing, so you still have a viable option there.

If you left click on them in inventory, they give you a description of what they do. i.e. heal or give vigour if fully healed. Always worked for me. :slight_smile:

Some traps are not disarmable, but (as you say) can be navigated past. You can even have the rest of the party jump past them using the “jump” facility box in top left.

Those creatures are tough at low levels and insufficient magic weapons. Best avoided as you say if you are too low level.

You could avoid death of companions either by (a) Choosing Companion Protector at the start of a game (then they fall, but revive after combat), or (b) Use Life Essence on PCs at risk of death to avoid death.

Make sure you can read the descriptions of such OK, even if it means making the font size a size where you can read what things do.

The key you found is for other locked doors on that level (normal ones). The tumblers are easily bypassed by using your rogue character (with Open Locks) to crack the code by checking out the feedback. Click on the “?” on the GUI for more info on what can be done.

Cheers, Lance.

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Hi Phill,

I cannot say the code is written to do that, although the encounters have been written to respond to doors being opened.

It will be a challenge without taking any food - I know because I tried it on your behalf too. :slight_smile: However, it is possible, as I survived with first level PCs and no rest. However, I did have the Companion Survivor feat, meaning I had a slight edge from that perspective. However, you are better equipped to heal than I was (due to the wand) and if you use your Life Essences wisely, then you should be able to beat it still. It will certainly be memorable, as you have entered at a low level and made it a particularly difficult task to survive … as the Editor would say, “DEADLY”.

I designed all containers to be size specific. i.e. Designed to carry certain quantities only, normally based on any contents they start off with. Ideally, the best recommendation is to buy the special inventory carrying items (from the village), which are designed to help manage your inventory. e.g. Treasure Bag (1gp) will automatically collect all your gems and jewellery (no quantity limit). The Key Ring will carry all keys you find. Other bags (also only 1 gp each) automatically carry crafting items, meaning you do not have to keep track of all your items as it does it for you. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lance.

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Hi Phill,

Mushroom healing in operation …

Cheers, Lance

Hi Phill,

Took me a while to explore entire dungeon again (as I lose the map when you transfer the file), but I eventually found the key!

I had to fight one (or two) more lot of goblins, but survived OK. I also checked over some stuff you had not picked up and found Life Essences, which are worth collecting always! Saved me from dying at least once.

Screenshots to show … so your party are fine, you just need to be more careful with lower level party and smaller ones at that … and without the Vol gift I mentioned. :wink:

I also had no problems with combat or attacks unless there was no line of sight due to being near a door.

Cheers, Lance.

Wow. I’ll definitely try again.

Thinking about my comments, it just shows me how much RPGs are a game about stuff. What demoralized me wasn’t the combat (I liked the challenge and had plenty of healing), and was willing to reload multiple times after wiping to the animated weapons. What stalled my playthrough was the thought that I would lose my stuff because of vigor problems :slight_smile:

In real life, if I was out of food and couldn’t carry stuff, the logical response would be to dump my plate armor (too heavy) & weapons.

I probably missed the life essences & the key because once I couldn’t carry stuff, I stopped diligently checking every single body / chest. Can’t keep it anyways. (I didn’t completely stop checking, but must have missed a few)

Stepping back, I think it’s one of those realism v. fun dilemmas of a game design. I know players hate it when games strip them of items, but I also realize it’s so hard to balance games when players have too many items. Carrying infinite stuff is not realistic, but it’s usually the first cheat I resort to in any rpg.

I even like the idea of vigor, and don’t even mind the combat penalties when you’re tired. But I really hate vigor making you lose strength and as a result forcing to drop stuff :slight_smile: I am the perfect victim to the goblin greedy adventurer’s trap!

Anyways, thanks for all your attention to my comments. If I’m not clogging up this channel too much, I’ll post more feedback on my game play as I go further in the game.

Edit: I suppose some mods put merchants in dungeons to solve this problem, which I always liked even though it’s not very realistic. E.g. Making Sebastian or a friendly NPC (like a defecting goblin or goblin trader) be a merchant would be a player convenience in situations like this. Not suggesting you change your game, but just an idea for your future designs. Especially in the early levels when players don’t have all their bags set up yet, don’t know what items they need to keep yet, and desperately want to scrounge up money to build up. Either that or a trash bin, so that stuff that can’t be carried at least can be cleared away. Or a goblin willing to trade food for items, a more roleplay appropriate form of a merchant in a dungeon. That way you don’t have to kill everyone, which is another realism issue in these games. You feel like you’re committing genocide every time you go into a dungeon. It’s not even arguably self defense.

Great! :slight_smile: (EDIT: Don’t forget to download and patch to v2.90 if you have not done so already! You do not have to start again after patching.)


The main thing to remember when playing my module is that the choices you make really do matter! I know it’s rather cliché, but even the very first choice regarding Vol’s Gifts has a large impact on your playing style. None is wrong, but it does change the whole dynamics of the game. The selection you chose is more for hard-core players, who may be more familiar with more tactical decisions, even with respect to general survival. :slight_smile: They also have to rely on Life Essences and/or Raise Dead more.

Stuff … every item I include in the campaign normally serves some important purpose, with the exception of one or two red-herrings. Reading the descriptions via the enhanced inventory system should help with their usage.

Vigour … At its first encounter, it can frighten a player. Even my own pen and paper (PnP) players were surprised by its inclusion, even though they were completely aware of it in normal PnP play. i.e. They used to buy rations and manage food during play, and it’s no different in the CRPG of my campaign. Once they realised that, they simply adapted, realising I had created a CRPG that most truly reflected the game style they were familiar with in PnP. Including things like the need of food and the ability to do TB (turn-based) combat. (The TB combat system is close enough for their usage and liking anyway.)

TB Combat … By the way, if you like to do combats with AI off, then you may also like to use the TB GUI system that comes with the game. To activate this, turn on AUTO-PAUSE from the Althéa Main Menu and at the next encounter, the game will auto-pause and provide a tactical GUI for you to see what PC is doing what, including feedback if they have no line of sight!

Once you realise that you need to consider your food rations, you will realise how important the Create Food spell is for clerics when they get it as a third level spell, which gives you (the player) a new goal to aim for. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, now you are aware how important rations are to begin with, you will now be able to manage that accordingly. My players had it sorted after the first encounter with it, and came to appreciate the added dimension to the adventuring life for low levels PCs. :slight_smile:

Life Essences and keys come under the “essential” items to always grab regardless. However, you are right to be more choosy about what to carry or not carry thereafter, because proper dungeoneering is about what you do and do not need to survive! Remember, The Scroll is not designed to be a “simple” dash through, just killing monsters, collect loot and move on … It has more depth to it than that, and has been designed with true play in mind. (I may have to trade mark that concept. :wink: ) i.e. You have to be discerning and make good decisions to survive and succeed.

If you think about it, the obvious answer to your “problem” is not to “cheat”, but to resolve the issue in the most logical and normal way you would in proper D&D … “If I need to carry more stuff, then I need to get someone strong enough to do so! And if I really want to carry a load of stuff, then I need more than one other person!” The answer, go and create a “fighter” (or two) with good strength, to be able to carry more of the party stuff. They may even be helpful in a fight! You can create more characters from the Bloated Buckle Inn at the village by standing on the platform. So, what I am saying is, play the game in a way that you can beat it by using what is available to you already … then you know you have beaten the game fairly and learned some good tactical thinking at the same time. :slight_smile:

See my comments above about creating a couple of “pack mule” fighters to tag along with you. That way, if you really do want to pick up most things, you can dump it on them and know that even if they do get tired, their strength drops will be relative. i.e. They are already strong and so the strength penalty (if tired) will have less of an impact on what they can carry compared to a PC with relatively low strength. Remember, as you rightly say, one of the “penalties” of having low strength is that they will be able to carry less when tired … or more accurately, walk slower due to their lack of strength. If this was not the case, then it tends to decrease the importance of strength.

Not a problem at all. In fact, it’s my pleasure! :slight_smile: Keep your comments coming!

The problem when games do this, is that they do so at the expense of logical flow by creating an artificial situation that does not really fit with the situation. i.e. If it is an “obvious” store in a place where none should exist, then it breaks the story in my mind. E.g. This story is as much about survival as about learning of a mystery. It is supposed to make the player realise that simply “being the hero” does not automatically mean they win at everything without any compromising. It helps a player to recognise how important even things such as food can be when it comes to surviving. If we were to place an artificial bolt hole (in a quick access store) at the earliest convenience, then the challenge would disappear and the game would lose its integrity.

If and when you win through to the end of The Scroll, you will know that you have had your wits and thinking tested! That said, I hope a player faces the challenges as fun and is able to immerse themselves into the campaign in a way that becomes memorable for them.

I take this same game design through into module two, which I am currently working on. So, maybe if you manage to have a party survive to the end, you will have a bunch of heroes ready to move into part two, much wiser and more prepared for the new challenges that will come … :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I will accomplish that at some time in the future.

Thanks, Lance.

Hi All,

Observations I have made that will be fixed in v2.91 …

  1. CHAT SPAM: When a body is looted, at the moment, if the PC picks up a gem (of a type they already carry), the “Acquired Gem” is spammed to the chat window for each one they now carry. Eg. If a PC carries two rubies and they pick up a third from a body, they will get:

“Acquired ruby”
“Acquired ruby”
“Acquired ruby”

After the fix, the duplicated chat message will be fixed. I tracked it down to the fact that the new item is “gone” by the time the stacked count has been processed for info. Point is, it is fixed in the next release. Furthermore, it is a cosmetic fix only.

On further testing, due to the way the engine works - or fails to work (I think a setting on CreateItemOnObject fails to stop reporting the acquisition even if set to not to), there remains a couple of spam lines, but not like the amount before.

  1. Reinstated RECIPE BOOK left click required to show recipes in chat window. Somehow this was sending info to the chat window on a hover only after a reload. This now only reports when clicked on.

  2. Fixed a potential exploit. (Details withheld.)

  3. Fixed a “free” identify problem for stackable items.

  4. Craft Items (ingots and planks) and Trap Kits now stack!

I will add to this list if I discover anything else.

For the time being … DOWNLOAD CURRENT HERE (Latest updates NOW INCLUDED!)

Cheers, Lance.


Hi All,

First an apology for all those that downloaded the previous updates and did not get the normal PATCHING FEEDBACK INFORMATION confirming they had patched correctly. I can assure you that the game had patched, but the feedback had simply not been updated. This is now fixed/updated in v2.91.

In this latest version, you now also have all the added benefits of the v2.91 patch, which includes more items able to be stacked. (E.g. Ingots, planks and Trap Kits.) I also fixed some spamming messages to the chat window when acquiring items you already had a lot of. Furthermore, the Recipe Books require a left-click before sending info to the chat window rather than just a hover.

Again, if anybody notices anything they would like me to address, then please let me know.


Thanks, Lance.


  1. IMPROVED NPCs attacking dummies/targets consistency. (Cosmetic.)
  2. IMPROVED COMP FOLLOW when entering a cutscene. (Cosmetic.)

ESSENTIAL FIX: For anybody playing the module where companions can die (with no auto revival), then this fix is ESSENTIAL as it fixes the problem where dead companions fail to transfer with the main PC.

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Hi All,

Fixed carrying DEAD COMPANIONS across area transitions. This fix is only required for HARD CORE MODE, where a player has not chosen Vol’s gift to raise companions after a combat. i.e. The MAIN PC can now carry bodies across areas for Orechin to raise from the dead.

Also comes with the latest cosmetic fixes listed in the previous post.



  1. VIGOUR FEEDBACK: Made consistent and tidier. (Cosmetic.)
  2. INITIAL AI SYNCH: Fixed Brain AI colour on initial entry to be in synch. (Cosmetic.)
  3. TYPO: Wondering > Wandering (Sandy Conversation.) (Cosmetic.)
  4. FIXED: PERSISTENT NAME CALL button/utility. (Cosmetic utility.)
  5. AUTO LIGHTS (ON RELOAD): Corrects logic if required. (Minor cosmetic.)
  6. FIXED: COCOON SPELL. Time had passed before learning. (Minor Fix.)

For further updates moving forward, please use this link.