Hi All,

The last post has also stopped me updating its title, and so I will start with a fresh post again.

Just to say that I am releasing v2.93 which along with quite a number of cosmetic fixes, also has a fix to the Cocoon Spell. The spell itself was NOT broken, but the code when using the accommodation GUI passed time (thereby ending the spell) prior to any spell learning - thus breaking its usage. This is now fixed in the latest v2.93, which is PENDING. List of other fixes included with v2.93 here.


I will continue to post any observations of any other later patch requirements here as usual.


  1. DEBUG: Remove some minor “bash” debug feedback. (Cosmetic.)
  2. FIXED PLOT FLAG EXPLOIT: Fixed a situation where an object could lose its plot status. (*)
  3. CODE EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS: Rewrote some scripts for performance increase.
  4. CLASS ENTRY FIX: Details withheld.
  5. MULTI MOD SUPPORT: More multi mod code and testing. (Required rewrite.)
  6. GETFACTIONGOLD: Bugged function (for me), replaced with GetGold function instead.
  7. RECIPE BOOK FEEDBACK: Removed ingredient feedback as was breaking loop if > 12. (**)
  8. PARTY KEY UNLOCK: Updated so any party member opens locked door with party key.
  9. MULTIPLAYER ON ENTER SCRIPTS: Found some possible problems with MP enter mod scripts.
  10. GOLD RESTART EXPLOIT: Fixed a potential gold start exploit.
  11. WELL GUARD CONV FIX: Prevent conv when just loading game. (Entry vars overhaul.)
  12. SKILL BOOK COVER: Changed the skill book to the “expensive” to differentiate.
  13. BRIEF REPAUSE: Fixed a very brief and rare “repause” when not required.
  14. AUTO TORCH: Rewrite to help stop duplicated low/dark vision effect on reload.
  15. ITEM TRANSFER: Fixed items transfer that are containers. Now work first time.
  16. REST EXPLOIT: Fixed a resting exploit … changed default zero.
  17. NAME STRING: Using proper name string instead of label to avoid underscores.
  18. COMBAT GUI: Removing variable check to ensure always show when paused. (Could lose variable.)
  19. HARD CORE DEATH: Overhauled system again as items were duplicating & other issues.
  20. GOLD POUCH: Fixed weight for gold loss through conversations.
  21. DUMMY ATTACKERS: Fixed a problem introduced in v2.91 where they ignore enemies.

(*) As nobody had yet downloaded v2.93, I will re-release with these fixes when done.
(**) There is still a lot of initial feedback on a single left click, but now (when it comes to ingredients required) a recipe will just report a quantity required rather than try to compare with what the party carries.

Thanks, Lance.

EDIT: Just to let you all know that my wife has been play testing the hard-core path (no revival on death, which uses tombstones instead, where corpses must be returned to healer to pay for raise or you raise yourself) and is why v2.93 is being held back until she has finishied core testing.

Also to say that, considering NWN2 “hard core” is new to her, she has done exceptionally well and only died twice up to now (excluding one or two reloads). Once she had a bought a raise dead spell and successfully raised her thief. Another time she successfully carried the cleric’s body back to Orechin and paid 500 gp for the res!

Hopefully, after a little more testing, v2.93 will be released.

Also coming with v2.93: BAG CONTENTS at a single left click …