The Sly Blade VFX (Negative Energy)

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In the OC, the sword “Sly Blade” does negative energy bonus damage. It appears to me that this is the source of how the sword gets its VFX. However, I cannot find where this VFX is referenced in any 2da that can be used in any way. The closest I can find is this …


Does anyone know how and where these item VFX are applied (and possibly edited)? 582?
Or just any more info in general?

I know we can add a VFX with itemproperty, but I thought it interesting that the VFX appears to have been added via this bonus damage.

the damagetype is perhaps hardcoded to reference that 2da when it hits an opponent.

likely VisualEffects.2da #582 VFX_HIT_SPELL_EVIL → sp_darkness_hit.sef

see also:

… those are Fx on the blade itself rather than onhit Fx

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Thanks for the info. I thought I’d checked all the 2das, but it looks like I missed that one. So thanks for pointing me in the right direction there again. :+1:

I’ll take another look that way. Thanks again.

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