The Sunken... Sorry, Shrunken City!

Here is the city I shrank for andgalf, feel free to download, test and tell me if there’s anything that needs sorting out.

It’s a city with everything all in one 20x24 area and there’s quite a lot going on but it should be good for a whole load of npcs so long as it’s not turned into a war zone.

To populate it I recommend having as many static npcs as possible with not so many roaming around to save your computers from too much hardship but I think it’s good for at least 100.

Have fun roaming around the Shrunken City and use it for whatever you want, I had to stop somewhere otherwise I’d be adding to it forever, then making npcs, quests and… Here it is.

ps. andgalf… One of your buildings got removed because I couldn’t get the roof walkmesh to stick, but there’s a replacement in the same place with a walkable roof. Other than that you’ll have to hunt down the others but they’re all in roughly the same places.

edit… I don’t think the link will work now the newer version is below this in a later post.


I will be going away for a few days tomorrow, even though I might be able to check in on the vault for a bit during those days, but I doubt I will have the opportunity to test your city. I have downloaded it and will test it when I have the time though. Thanks for all the hard work!

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No problem, have a nice break. People might find things that need changing so it’s not necessarily finished… But it’s pretty close.

Your testing is the bit with jumping around from module to module with a full party, I think the npcs will be fine.

ps. It’s got two of your old scripts in it that you wrote for me for another mod.

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andgalf… I know you’re not there at the moment but you will be at some point. I had another fiddle with it chopped off about a mb, increased the fog to make it feel even bigger ( if you don’t like it copy the distances from the default setting ) and fixed a couple of things, this is the new one and now I will leave it alone until I get any feedback.

I haven’t made all the doors static so anybody using this has a choice but check first you’re not walking into an environmental object. It probably won’t matter but I’m not sure as there are no links to other areas in this.

You also have an outside entrance but in a different place, just don’t upset the gypsies on your way in, a bigger bunch of veteran bad arses has never been seen before in fantasy land… Don’t worry it’s just something I did to amuse myself :crazy_face:


@ Thank you! I’m back, but at the moment I’m taking a much needed break from creating stuff for NWN2 (I mean, I’ve been at it for 5-6 years now almost non-stop, so I feel I deserve it). I’m playing BG3 at the moment. It’s been way too long since I played a good CRPG and I felt I needed to consume and enjoy something instead of just contantly producing stuff.
I will take a look at this eventually though, don’t you worry.

Fair enough, hopefully I’ll still be able to sort it out of if you have a problem… But I don’t think you will and it will work fine.

I downloaded it, but when I drop it in Modules folder and try to pick new module, it isn’t there.
So, I opened it in toolset, baked it, saved it.
From the toolset I tried testing it, but just goes to the menu.
Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t know what’s going on at your end, if it opens with the toolset then it must be there, it’s very strange. Try moving the start location and using the “save as” with a different name, then try it, other than that I’m clueless.

This happens if the module is in a subfolder. All .mod files need to be in the “modules” folder to be seen. All the subfolders you would see in C:\Users<user name>\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\modules are modules saved in directory mode.


4760: Thank you, that didn’t even occur to me!

Nice city, Tsongo.

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@Tsongo - Thank you for the hard work that you have done with this! It looks really nice and looks very professional! However, after checking your area now in the toolset and after a lot of thinking, I think I will stick to what I have. You’ve changed two of the buildings that I am using now as important part of quests, and the whole area looks and feels different (understandable since when removing things you had to change things up quite a bit). Since my module works with the Client Extension, I will use what I have, instead of going back and spend hours of placing all the NPCs and waypoints I already have in there, and change how I have made important quests. If I hadn’t done any work on the area with thinking about quests and whatnot beforehand, I would probably have used this, since then I would have adapted my quests and my thinking and planning to this whole new situation.
I am positive others will find your new shrunken area really useful, though. Maybe you might even use it yourself in a future project. Again, thank you for all the hard work!


Fair enough it’s your mod and your gamble to take. I’m unlikely to use it myself as it’s probably the last thing I’ll ever make with the toolset, me and my campervan ( the awesome Sakura Toyota ) have places to go. The great escape and " I’m done, so stick your society up your arse it’s bull $£*% ! " is nearly complete.

Hopefully someone will use it but I can’t put it on the vault as a prefab because it would be wrong to the original version and it’s creator.