The Sunless Citadel for NwN2

I must say that this is looking great so far! Do you think you may do any of the sequels to this one?

The Forge of Fury, The Speaker in Dreams, The Standing Stone, Heart of Nightfang Spire, Deep Horizon, Lord of the Iron Fortress, and Bastion of Broken Souls all seem like decent modules.


I had the The Forge of Fury in mind, yes.

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How is the development going?

Lazy me

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The same for my projects. :slight_smile:

Slight update, almost one year later. No excuses other than my age and my other occupations prevent me from concentrating professionally in the making of this module, which should be fairly simple, although I intend to add a personal touch to it (see swamp area to give you an idea…).

I’m awful at taking screenshots, so here’s a little anything.

I will “try” to put more update soon.
Have a nice weekend and take care all of you.



Wow! I’m excited about this mod since it was one of my favorites from NWN1. That chapel looks amazing too, did you use BCK for that?


That looks just fine and dandy. Very nice. All you need to do now is populate it.


Indeed, I put the NPC population towards the end, because all the NPCs are pre-scripted and have automated animations depending on where they are (see others mods I made). They move between places and so on. :slightly_smiling_face:


The village looks so cosy. And I really like the druid’s tree house.

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I forgot to post an overview (not final) of the rift giving access to the Citadel. The first version got on my nerves, so I started over and I should be able to finish it quickly to replace the old one. I know there are more ruins than what is described in the paper scenario… I have to work on the vegetation, certain colors irritate my eyes and also pieces of ruins too (if not all of them… not sure, I don’t know…).


It looks good to me. The ruins could probably use some undergrowth, but otherwise they seem fine. Cliffs are difficult to do using the terrain editor due to the stretched textures. Perhaps the Cliff Pack would work, or the RWS Cliffs?

If you want some inky darkness lower down, you might have a look at the darkness effect in Anduraga’s VFX and Light Pack.


See part not finalized (texture and color, see on picture).
I thought of adding some ruins not accessible by the players pass the rift, in order to create the visual effect that the building on this ground fell in the hole … with fog VFX in the crevasse.

Do you use the word “crevasse” in English? Anyway…


Your eye for composition is gorgeous, Raymond! Love what you can do with the crude canvas of NWN2 textures.


It’s very nice of you. Thank you. :smiley:


Yes. Usually in conjunction (but not exclusively) in relation to chasms in glaciers.



Perhaps it could be a large mass of boulders, suggesting a larger opening that partly fell in on itself?

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All of this looks amazing so far, @raymondsebas! I can’t wait to fight the evil druid near the Gulthias Tree in NWN2!

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Cosmetic update for “the old road” and some interiors in Oakhurst.