The Sunless Citadel for NwN2

Your eye for composition is gorgeous, Raymond! Love what you can do with the crude canvas of NWN2 textures.


It’s very nice of you. Thank you. :smiley:


Yes. Usually in conjunction (but not exclusively) in relation to chasms in glaciers.



Perhaps it could be a large mass of boulders, suggesting a larger opening that partly fell in on itself?

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All of this looks amazing so far, @raymondsebas! I can’t wait to fight the evil druid near the Gulthias Tree in NWN2!

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Cosmetic update for “the old road” and some interiors in Oakhurst.


Like the way it’s coming along so far, aesthetically speaking. Keep up the good works :slight_smile:


Only the Big Bad Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood are missing in this enchanted forest too clean to be true and filled with large mushrooms… :rofl:

But in all honesty, I hope to be able to complete this module within a reasonable time. Damn it take time…

When Obsidian Entertainment designed the ToolSet, not only was this tool poorly designed in the start, but they should have left a note somewhere that a minimal understanding of projects management was required and a team of 3 people minimum per project was also desirable (artist for the creation of the areas, the scripts guy and the one who will write the conversation).

Between 2006 and 2009 I had this team, but not anymore. Now it’s One man army, lol. :crazy_face:


Yes, it is certainly tough to build anything as a single person for this game. I probably should have tried to scale-down my project, but it’s too far along to give up on for good. I’m sure you will finish this before I finish my campaign, keep up the amazing work!


Thank you for this encouragement. Like you, I am far too advanced to give up. Right now, it’s the platform that gives access to the citadel that gives me a bit of a hard time. It is not that it is difficult to do for me, it’s because it is the 7th version that I make so far and I am still not satisfied with my own work (I am like that, sorry …).
I should be able to post some screenshots of it tonight (I hope).

If you need help with conversations, I could help you build a few since I have the sourcebook for this module. They actually have some dialogs in there that are meant to be used in the story.

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Help in that matter would be welcome. It is obvious that I will need someone to correct my English, since it is not my native language (I’m French-Canadian).

I have all the books and even the 5th edition (Tales from the Yawning Portal) in which the Sunless Citadel scenario is portrayed as the first adventure.

Je parle Francais aussie, mais il’ya ete longtemp depuis je parle Francais avec un autre personne. I think your English is much better than my French. :rofl:

Okay, let me know what conversations you need and I can write them up.

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Are you using SpellPlug?

Will do. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I don’t use this little plugin. I may be bilingual, however inevitably the French grammatical structure “comes out” when I compose in English (punctuation and my way of formulating sentences for example). :neutral_face:

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Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone. :yum:

Screenshot of the area which gives access to the Sunless Citadel. For me they are still sketches, so bare that in mind.

It’s been several times that I restart over this damn area. The previous sketches did not please me at all. I know that it’s only a “transitory area” between the surface and the Citadel, but I want to represent it correctly, at least in the way I see it.

The little bridges also posed a lot of problems, since not all objects can transform into bridges and when it’s the case, it does not mean that they will blend well with the desired atmosphere. I want to give the impression that the bridges were not built by very skillful humanoids…

The Environment Setting {Day / Night cycle stage} will be adjusted to my liking.

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It looks very nice. However, I’ll just note that narrow paths like that are going to lead to walkpathing issues if this is a party-based game. You might want to consider widening things up a bit if you do a redo of the area.

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@ rjshae You mean that a PC could block another one who is behind him?

Yes, walkpathing issues have to do with collisions on the walk mesh. Narrow walkways don’t allow the game engine to compute paths around obstacles, so the creatures typically go into movement loops. I would aim to allow walkways at least 3 or 4 mesh triangles wide. In the view above you have a couple that are single mesh faces wide. If you have any combat encounters along the route, the narrow walkways will cause all types of issues.

To test it, I’d try the area with a party of 4-5 characters and see if you can lead them down the full path without issue.

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