The ultimate Class & PRC mod merge

For years I dreamt of the ultimate mod that combines every possible class and prestige class mod released until now.

However, for every Kaedrin’s Pack + Something else here, there are a bunch of good quality mods that are left out and can’t simply be added without messing up either dialog.tlk or a spell or feat.

Right now I’m using what I find to be the “most complete” combo which is Kaedrin’s PrC + TCC + Spell Fixes + Tome of Battle + Races of Faerun + Light Emitting Spell Effects

And everything works and I love to play with these, especially Spell Fixes, however, it doesn’t include Warlock Reworked (and Warlock Buddy), Draco’s Eldritch Theurge (a PrC I’d love to play with), Mage Tome, Tome of Battle, Wild Mage, or Cyphres PRC Pack, etc.

And we all know that installing those, mess up what came before.

I have Notepad++ and WinMerge and I tried to make something work but I’m dumb as a rock when it comes to these types of things and I can never make it work because I’m no programmer.

So, how difficult or time-consuming (I’m guessing a lot) would it be to put something like this together and if no one hasn’t done it yet, is it because of incompatibilities or simply because nobody thought about it?

I wish I knew how to make these work together, but maybe instead I can inspire someone who knows how to do it to give it a go.

Projects like these involve a lot of people I know, but if there is an ongoing project to make something like this happen, I’d like to help however I can.

Thank you.

If someone is crazy enough to do this please respect


I so wish I had known about all these reservations before I had done so much of my own module. However, I don’t think the level of customisation I have done would have allowed for 3rd party additions anyway.

Point being, as KevL says, definitely worth paying attention to.

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Yes I try to respect the reserved 2da ranges with my mod release.