The Umbral Abyss (Major Update)

“Get thee to a tannery !”



Random observation:

  • Dwarves like crossbows for ranged combat
  • Stonekrakes are subject to bludgeoning damage
  • Stone Bow
    (Or just blunt ammo.)
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Can you give me a Tier I potion recipe so I can test something in-game. Any of the basics ones will do.

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Plenty to look at there, thanks!

Ammo crafting, I think I’m just going to yeet it out of the campaign in the next update. It doesn’t offer anything of value as there are copious ammo drops and finds.

Trapping components for sale is a good point. Simplest solution would be to add to an existing NPC. By chatty ranger I suppose you mean the guy who tells you how to get to the mountains of mirkwood? Good choice, definitely one for an update.

I’ll see what can be done about hide drops.

In Dale, you may find leather-working benches in the outdoor workshop behind Strobridges home. (The shopfront faces the road - you need to squeeze around behind it)

Interesting weapon. That gives me an idea…

Here’s some of the easier T1 potion combinations to try:

Bless = 2 x Goodwort, 1x Empty Gourd
Remove Disease = 2 x Hopper Mushroom, 1 x Empty Gourd

On this subject of crafting, what are yours and others thoughts on crafting in the final story? I remain undecided. Having a scratch built crafting system seems a bit much in an epic level campaign. I am open to an “upgrades” crafting system, ala HoTU and MotB where player can craft upgrades to existing items. Could keep potion brewing, perhaps with a 3rd tier.

Both of those Tier I potions work even though I don’t have them in my craftworker’s journal. Not sure how that even happened.

On epic crafting, HotU gave you access to third party crafters who charged enough to limit the player and keep things from getting out of control. MotB allowed the player to use the skills developed in the previous adventure but the results could get excessive esp with the unique essences and the mold spirit abilities. My final weapon from my last play though was +7, 6d6 fire damage, 4d6 electrical damage, and two or three other buffs to boot. Food for thought.

In other news, the Action List Overflow cleared itself at some point and Marie the seamstress showed up.

Got up to Act III but time for bed.


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Looks like the conditions to craft were set without giving you the recipe book page. Weird!

I think the HotU style is my preferred choice at the moment. It’ll be easier to keep things under control and would be a better investment in terms of time. A full crafting system will take a lot longer to put together, even if built on top of the one in UA. I don’t think that would be time well spent.

Hope Khaev didn’t give you too much trouble!

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He was a PITA as usual but he goes down in the end.

re: crafting

After dealing with the missing dwarven miners you have the bit shell from the boss monster which the dwarven smith fashions into armor for you. These sorts of events make sense in the context of the story as you both acquire strange items and earn the respect and gratitude of the master craftsmen who’s people you protect. It’s a virtuous cycle that fits well with a story of people pulling together to face an onslaught that none can hope to survive alone.

Another point, it makes sense that low level characters must use their skills to equip and supply themselves. The are not yet wealthy or important enough to simply buy what they need. As the party is now becoming a major component of the defense of Dale, it makes sense that a part of the town’s resources start to become available specifically to aid their efforts on the peoples behalf.

When we last saw Aivars, the master smith, he was standing around the Blue Maiden contemplating his fate. He could be reused for special arms and armor requests as the threat draws near and Dale readies itself.

Percival’s abandoned shop might also be a source of useful items the IP did not have time to take or see a need for. As people from the countryside crowd into Dale for protection, you have a ready reason for a new sage/scholar to show up and meet some of the party’s needs.

At this point it all depends on how you want the story to proceed buy you seem to have plenty of options.

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Ata boy! He was a fun character to work with. I think I’m done with him anyway…

Yes there are a lot of options for the final part when it comes to Dale and its allies. I didn’t want to make yet another “the worlds about to end, find allies” adventure because there’s plenty of that around already. It felt better to gather them organically through other quests as a byproduct.

Heh, this is actually something I cut out of the campaign. It was around release time and this part was nowhere near completion, so I dropped it. Perhaps it can be realised at some point. Note also that he can be killed when his “guards” start misbehaving which results in a different ending.

It’s good to have all of these little loose ends though. It’s going to be a while until my efforts return to Dale and the inevitable grand climax and the prospect fills me with dread, but it will be fun, as I wish to address every single thread I’ve left behind.

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Odd occurrence: While clearing the Forge area, I put the party to one side and had Jamot sneak about, lighting the forges and blowing up the Stonekrake burrows. I happened to pull the chain to activate the main forge before the party had a chance to engage the many stonekrakes that spawned as a result. So when the forge ignites and the conversation with Dom is triggered, everyone is attacked by stonekrakes while chatting about the forges and the Dragon toy. The party prevailed of course but the casual conversation while being attacked by rock monsters was somewhat bizarre.

Fortunately I have an idea of what may be going wrong here. Playing the area in this way is something I completely overlooked - nothing wrong with that, by the way- looks like you chose the path of least resistance!

When the main forge is “activated”, the party is pulled into a cutscene, as you know. However, during the process of sneaking about, you will have spawned in Stonekrakes via the burrows (they will spawn in 1 per round until destroyed). Likely there were a good few lurking about, wandering the area, etc. I will need to add a condition to the activation of the main forge; no enemies within x distance, for example.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Yeah, my hybrid business-military background frequently leads to me breaking otherwise well designed games. The minute I notice multiple objects that need to addressed in a single area I start plotting the most efficient way to get the job done. Since I favor stealthy characters, Jamot was my immediate solution to the problem. He now has two levels of Shadow Dancer making him ideal for these sorts of tasks. Obviously I had completely forgotten about the convo that takes place but it all worked out in the end.

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Well I like the approach. I have attempted to provide opportunities for subterfuge in the past but wasn’t sure if it was something people were much interested in. I may need to reassess that, especially with the next campaign where it could play a bigger role, given that I’m in a position to reset the balance of power in the player/party.

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EDIT: I appear to have posted this in the wrong thread. Was intended for UTT Developments thread. Mods, is it possible to move it?

Not a bad session. I’ve played with the positioning of NPCs and bits of the script and I’m getting closer to the desired effect.

Here’s a series of work in progress shots with the non-statue character in the foreground.

First attempt in a basic square area. Lever in the corner for toggling petrification. This will eventually be done via conversation action.

Some better poses this time, started adding vfx to the area.

Applied some vfx to the statue NPCs to highlight them better and draw the eye. Didn’t have a copy of Moriloki from UA on hand in the module, so ran with a generic dragon.

More effort on the area visuals to match those leading up to this area. Continued to reposition NPCs, made some immobile, played with effect delays.

Tracked down Moriloki NPC from UA and placed him in the area. Some good poses but NPCs being clipped out by the dragon was undesirable.

NPC’s too bunched up this time, messy.

A little plain, but better spacing and no clipping.

Probably the best one so far. Now I just need to find a means of producing a scene like this consistently. The area is only being used for a series of cutscene conversations, so imagine a walk-and-talk conversation, with these frozen scenes as a background.


re. ActionListOverflow (etc)

Lance and i just hashed out (and he solved) several Overflows that he was getting … another is EffectListOverflow.

in the latter, an effect was being applied repeatedly to a character.

The ActionListOverflow happens when a character is being scripted to do something that it cannot complete. (For example, he/she has a POST waypoint for WalkWayPoints but the waypoint is not in that character’s current area.)

scripted loops and/or recursive events seem to be the culprit



Thanks for sharing. This might just be what causing the problem. I’ll have to poke around and see who is doing what.



Also, both of my issues source was from heartbeat scripts, which were continually applying either actions or effects where they (as @kevL_s points out), were not being correctly checked to terminate.

Both required conditional if statements to stop trying to do what they were doing due to either:-

(a) The effect was already present, or
(b) The action could not be performed due to not in the same area where asked to.

Try commenting out any heartbeat scripts and see if the counter stops increasing on the broken object, and then work from there.


Thanks, this is all sounding very familiar. Sure enough I have located some bad POST waypoint locations, so it looks like the NPCs were endlessly looping their attempt to get into position.

I’ll drop the conditional in as a safeguard and see how I get on.


That routinely occurs near the end of The Dana’an Unvanquished. Based on your explanation, I’m guessing that NPCs are moving from one event trigger to the next before the effect applied by the first trigger has expired. There are dozens of NPCs in that battle and several triggers that apply the same effect.


The new Epilogue was a big help is tying up lose ends and setting the stage for the final chapter. Nice work.

One nit - The Cloud Kill spell no longer works from a scroll. It is just no longer useable.

Some texture problems at the final cut scene. See attached.


Maybe you can now see why working on that ending was important to me to get the next part off the ground. As a solution it was very simple in the end!

Thanks for texture report. Used an improved snow texture pack - need to drop that in campaign folder. I’ll update later.

So how did you find all that?