The wanderer 2 - stuck with a potion


maybe some one has already played through … i cant seem to mix the orange and black liquid in the refinery (the one needed for the dwarven smithy later), anyone has a clue how to do so?

thx in advance


It’s hard to recall details of a mod I played years ago. if you give me at least the name of the area, then I can have a look into the script.

it was the “eastern caves: entry level”
i have already found the orange and black liquid, but it eludes me, where to mix them together - i hope that it wasnt a destroyable object, some got damaged in a fight in there.
should that be the case maybe the item-name (for dm_spawnitem) should suffice also.


In the NE corner of the E chamber are 3 barrels with liquids. Putting a empty bottle into the will give you a bottle with a liquid (black, orange or bubbling). But you can not only put empty bottles into these barrels, putting a bottle with a liquid into the barrel may result in something new. I got an oily potion by putting the black liquid into the barrel with orange (Or the orange bottle into the black barrel).

Does this help?

well thx, it does help, but as it seems, that were the objects that were damaged in the fight

any chance on finding out the item-name?

Mixing Orange and Black results in an Oily Liquid which has the code “vatpotion4”.

thx that did the job