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Topics include things people talk about. Sometimes they talk a lot. And rarely do they agree.

The end.

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Replies contribute to an ongoing topic by being constructive and thoughtful. Like most things on the internet, this reply is neither.


This is a Disastrous Loss! Some replies - occasionally lengthy and detailed posts full of helpful information painstakingly gathered, most times breathless rants about someone being wrong on the internet or a minor inconvenience or cultural faux pas - take time to craft. Gurus share their experiences, hopefuls document in triplicate all the dreams they wish someone else would fulfill, others work feverishly into the night transmuting opinion into fact.

And then $IT happens. All is lost! Time for bed.

Unless you are using New Forum, in which case you can continue where you left off. This incredibly helpful post was made using New Forum, in a simulation of the frustration a user of a forum other than New Forum might feel after mistakenly closing the wrong tab or a freak power outage. Call today to use New Forum for yourself!

New Forum is not yet available in all 30 states. Please contact your doctor before using New Forum, and refrain from attempting to format subtext


This is a poll about breakfast, and sliced bread. <- This is what happens when you put a second spoiler blur into a spoiler blur.

  • Sliced bread was the greatest invention of mankind to date.
  • Sliced bread wasn’t that great of an idea.
  • I have personally had ideas that were better than sliced bread.
  • The fact that sliced bread exists improves the world.
  • I am currently hungry.
  • I am not currently hungry.
  • I will go have breakfast now.
  • I will be having breakfast soon.
  • I have recently had breakfast.
  • I will not be having breakfast any time soon.
  • This poll is unnecessary.

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^- This is currently the best poll in this forum.

:heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::revolving_hearts::heartbeat: <- This is the string of pink hearts I use to express my feelings on the capabilities of the new forum.

:scream_cat: <- This is the cat face smiley I use to express my discomfort with unexpected change.

The following is a picture of a goat:

Click this button

It was not a picture of a goat after all.

[poll name=poll2 type=regular]
  • That is clearly a goat.
  • I am disappointed. I expected to see a goat.
  • I didn’t even click the button.
[/. [poll ]

This has been a hostile takeover, where somebody hijacked somebody else’s thread rather than make their own. :skull_crossbones: :crossed_swords::bomb:

And this… is a cactus: :cactus:

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Details seem to be malfunctioning?



Edit: Why isn’t this working in the post above?

Summary [poll type=regular]
  • test1
  • test2
[/] [poll ]


[poll name=poll2 type=multiple min=1 max=3]
  • test test
  • test test test
  • test
[/t [poll ]
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This post was made by selecting many words and clicking quote when hovering, times many !

[quote=“TheBarbarian, post:4, topic:15”]
^- This is currently the best poll in this forum.
[/quote][poll public=true]

  • Yes
  • Polls cannot consist of multiple identical options, even if they feel different.
  • FP should be testing polls.

[details=majorspoilersforbeststoryendingever][quote=“TheBarbarian, post:4, topic:15”]
It was not a picture of a goat after all.

>You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.


I cast the Writing Hand:


The mailbox is now [spoiler]a


The goat seems to be angry for some reason (though we cannot be certain what that reason is). It is also armed.

We believe the goat may be the mastermind behind the hostile takeover of this thread, as evidenced by it’s upset facial expression, it’s heavily emphasized exclamation marks, and the fact that it is in possession of armaments. Until we can be certain what the goal’s intentions are, and why it bears this thread such ill will, we recommend putting the spoiler blur back on and ignoring the goat.


>do not understand how I got here
>sit down
>weave basket
>weave basket
>weave basket

@thirdmouse test test

@TheBarbarian test test

Test Test Test test

Test Test testtesttest

❶ ❷ ❸ ❹

I have nothing more to add on the topic of New Forum at this time, besides that I, too, endorse the use of New Forum, and would rate the likelihood of my recommending New Forum to a friend a solid 10/10.

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Zenkai, the son of a samurai, journeyed to Edo and there became the retainer of a high official. He fell in love with the official’s wife and was discovered. In self-defense, he slew the official. Then he ran away with the wife.

Both of them later became thieves. But the woman was so greedy that Zenkai grew disgusted. Finally, leaving her, he journeyed far away to the province of Buzen, where he became a wandering mendicant.

To atone for his past, Zenkai resolved to accomplish some good deed in his lifetime. Knowing of a dangerous road over a cliff that had caused the death and injury of many persons, he resolved to cut a tunnel through the mountain there.

Begging food in the daytime, Zenkai worked at night digging his tunnel. When thirty years had gone by, the tunnel was 2,280 feet long, 20 feet high, and 30 feet wide.

Two years before the work was completed, the son of the official he had slain, who was a skillful swordsman, found Zenkai out and came to kill him in revenge.

“I will give you my life willingly,” said Zenkai. “Only let me finish this work. On the day it is completed, then you may kill me.”

So the son awaited the day. Several months passed and Zendai kept on digging. The son grew tired of doing nothing and began to help with the digging. After he had helped for more than a year, he came to admire Zenkai’s strong will and character.

At last the tunnel was completed and the people could use it and travel in safety.

“Now cut off my head,” said Zenkai. “My work is done.”

“How can I cut off my own teacher’s head?” asked the younger man with tears in his eyes.


Ignore me. Not only am I not actually here - you are hallucinating me - but this is just another feeble test of the shockingly debased abilities of the Shabby Hyena Lunatic with regard the NEW New Forums that are even NEWER than the New Forums we tested before. Unless they’re exactly the same but with some different bits stuck on.

Spot Ten Camels in this Image…

So, having now mastered the oh-so-tricky “keeping two windows open at once” manoeuvre and accomplished the pathetically simplistic “drag and drop” activity that a particularly stupid amoeba could have got done quicker than me, this concludes my rubbish testing thus far.
(PS:- There were actually NO Camels in the above picture).


We can only hope that this heralds a return of spleenshots to the internets of NWN.

With or without camels.


Never mind Camels, I’m overloaded with Llamas on deviantArt. Random people keep giving me them and now one of them has morphed into a Super Llama… Damned things flying all over the place.


There seems to be an ever-increasing amount of invisible and/or polymorphing ungulates in this thread.

Suspicious: Most of us also have some manner of animal-themed username or avatar.

::gets out tinfoil hat::

  1. Goats can appear to be other things besides goats. (might be an overarching ungulate ability?)
  2. Llamas can polymorph. (might be an overarching ungulate ability?)
  3. Camels may be able to turn invisible (unconfirmed)? (might be an overarching ungulate ability?)

Conspiracy theory: What if we are the camels in PHoD’s picture, pretending to be other animals? :spy: I know If I was a well-hidden camel intending to remain hidden, this is exactly the sort of elaborate scheme I would concoct to distract even myself from finding and identifying me. Plus, there have been five people posting in this thread so far, which, if we are each two camels who have combined into one Supercamel, would amount to exactly ten camels.


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Sssssoo, you think you are clever to have uncovered my Mad Supervillain’s Plot to turn you all into Camels, Llamas, Vicunas, Guanacos, Alpacas and/or assorted other such that are all members of the Camelidae more or less all of which will probably gob on you if you let them… and goats, which… aren’t… but they’re still Artiodactyl ungulates and smell nasty, so what the hell?
Ach! So, my plot to invade and conquer the world by means of Invisible Self-Recharging Gestalt MegaCamels comprising of up to ten people - or goats - has been revealed… but you are too late! Nothing in the world can stop me now! If all ten - five - people on the post are now already invisible camels who cannot locate themselves, then I have already defeated the… um… hang on… I am one of those five - ten - er… Have I gone and turned myself into a camel by mistake again? AGAIN?!
Fifi! Fifi, help! I’ve Camelomized myself again!

(PS:- New Forums are still only in Test Mode - yet, already, with eerie abilities, PHoD has apparently instigated a completely, utterly pointless abuse and misuse of the software for totally spurious ends without even the slightest shred of purpose whatsoever… Shabby Hyena Object grins triumphantly.)
(But hides fangs and grins in an unbearably cute (if slightly mad) way, to avoid being chastised by sensible people and those working to install new, exciting Forum Software for proper, practical reasons and not for Loony Hyenas to go being pathologically strange).


Well, that sucks. Why is it that any time you catch on to some manner of ungulate conspiracy, it’s already too late to do anything about it? :disappointed: ::dejected:: I suppose I’ll just take the Mad Supervillain’s word for it and not even try to foil this Morally Ambiguous Plot (does turning people into camels qualify as evil? It seems less classically evil than, say, murder. Although maybe turning your enemies into beasts of burden is crueler than simply killing them, especially if you proceed to use them as such. It has this whole “warp somebody’s psyche and entire sense of self” aspect that plain murder doesn’t have to have - at least not in settings where resurrecting people is a thing).

At least things can always get worse, so the narrative isn’t necessarily doomed:


I figured it out: We need to keep trying out new forum features. As long as we do that, nobody can claim this is only pointless spam.

Also, animals with fuzzy ears improve reality, and pictures of animals with fuzzy ears improve text-based communications, and should therefore by default be considered a worthwhile contribution to the… ::snrk snrk:: … Discourse At Hand. :hand_splayed:

^- NWNLexicon isn’t doing it.

Would the new wiki pages work with this?



This is just a random post to test the new forums

Just another rubbish test, as the Shabby Hyena Thing realized he’d been so busy dribbling on about non-camels he’d forgotten to test different ways of appending links. Which are more important… unless you’re in the middle of a desert and require foul-tempered transport.
Hm. The Post Preview thing of that link, looked OK, so simple copy and paste seems to work, he said optimistically, continuing to display that utterly pointless trend of using bold and italic far too much for absolutely no reason since it’s now been confirmed to work several hundred times over… Though, I did just test whether you can make something bold and/or italic and then change your mind and reset, alter it, which you can…
And apparently just typing links in, without even having to bother sticking URL in brackets and stuff also seems to work… Was going to test a couple of other methods, but if these work, I’m unlikely to need anything else. (I say “if” 'cause just going blue in a preview window doesn’t necessarily PROVE functionality unequivocally).
Oh, and here’s a genuine Spleenshot with an actual Spleen Creature in it, just for Thirdmouse… there WAS a camel, but it got eaten…

(Also just accidentally confirmed you can type in a link WRONGLY and then spell it right by editing to make it work!)

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This is a test to see if I can put in a link that shows some text instead of showing the address itself: NWN Epic Builder’s Guild.

truly nefarious of you, PHoD !! to think that you’d stoop so low as to claim there are actually TEN camels when clearly there is only ONE !!!
…well… since it’s a bactrian [and a bloody nice looking one at that] you will be magnanimously forgiven. :slight_smile: LET US EAT CAKE^H^H^H^Hmadeleines !
[how do you do strikethrough anyway ?]

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Depends what you’re trying to strike through… If it’s thick foliage, I recommend a machete, preferably manufactured by Tramontina (Brasil).
PS:- I think you may be just slightly misinformed about where the humps are located on a Bactrian…
PPS:- If this post seems as utterly pointless to anyone else as it does to me, rest assured that it only exists as I was testing (again) because the New New New Forums appeared to have forgotten who I am and refused to recognize me - but it’s alright, I’ve dealt with it. With a big brick. This post proves it.

{s}Testing the BBCode for strikethrough{/s} with square brackets instead of curly ones results in the following:
Testing the BBCode for strikethrough.