Tile Rotation

I’ve searched here using “rotation” & “orientation” without avail, so here goes…
I want to rotate a particular tile by 180 degrees so that I can rename/renumber it and substitute it in the .set file for the extant tile in a particular tileset group.
Sadly I know nothing about 3D modelling or the tools associated with it, so I wondered if my aim could be achieved by altering the “orientation” values of the two trimesh nodes in the ASCII .mdl file?
If so, are there implications for the internal aabb values of the tile and its .wok?
At present the two nodes both have orientation values of 0 0 0 0.
Any tips will, as usual, be VERY much appreciated!

Is it a terrain type, a single tile or a crosser?

Howdy, and thanks for your interest.
To be more specific, it is a single tile: tcm01_t06_03 from Zwerkules’ Medieval City tileset.
It is Tile 2 of a 9-tile group: Temple (3x3) and is a flat “cobble” plane topped by a slightly raised second plane.
I want to rotate it 180 degrees & rename it so that it can take the place of the Group’s Tile 6, part of which has a “water” element built into it. That tile is tcm01_t06_07.
If I can do this, I can then alter the tile & group entries in the tcm01.set so that the group can be painted on cobble terrain WITHOUT connecting to water as it presently does.
I also thought that if tiles CAN be rotated by altering ASCII orientation values in nodes, then knowing what each of the four values represent and how to change them would be information helpful to others.

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After musing a while I think that the rotation of a tile is always given in the *.set File, and mostly defined by the rules which are given to the corners of this tile. The rotation is set by the engine according to this rules, and might be random in some cases.

In your case you want to replace a tile of a group, so create a new tilesetgroup with the replacement. Take over the rules for the corners into the replacement.

You might find some explanations for the parameters in a model file here: Neverwinter Nights 1: EE Home - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki. And there is a tileset tutorial somewhere in the vault, which explains the thing with the “corner-rule” a bit better as I can.

Specifically, in the section for each tile is

where x is in degrees from 0 to 360.

Right, I forgot this one. But there are for sure 90 degree steps …

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Many thanks, Mmat & Proleric - I have resolved the issue and learned a few things into the bargain:

  1. I tried changing the orientation value of the tile in the .set file as you both suggested, but to no effect.
    I think that is because that particular value refers to the orientation of the tile’s pathnode, not the overall orientation of the tile itself.

  2. I then began experimenting with the orientation values of the nodes in the ASCII .mdl, concentrating on the Z axis (i.e. the third of the four values) and its number of radians (i.e. the fourth value).
    I changed the value of Z from 0 to 1, and began inputting new numbers into the fourth value (using NWN Explorer to see the effects).

  3. After a lot of trial and error, I found that the figure of 3.1416 caused the tile to be rotated exactly 180 degrees, which was just what I wanted. Once I’d set these numbers in the the two trimesh nodes and the aabb node, I tested it in-game. It looked just right, but my PC encountered a no-go area on the tile.

  4. I had, of course, forgotten the .wok! I ran the .mdl through CM 3.52, and that generated a new .wok for me. I then did another test in-game, and everything worked perfectly! Job done.

Many thanks once again for your help.

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I did this time ago for our pw, I could have passed it myself, but it’s better to learn something new :slight_smile: