Tileset help please

I’m trying to get helvene’s underdark ruins tileset to merge into another underdark tileset because it refuses to stand alone as its own. Helvene’s ruins believe themselves to be part of the vanilla underdark tileset, but I’m already using annother, bigger hak tileset that also registers itself as the vanilla underdark tileset.

Ideally, I will merge Helvene’s ruins into the dragon city tileset made by ancarion to make one very large underdark tileset, which would be rad, but I’m having a difficult time doing so, especially as since both tilesets attach to the vanilla underdark tileset, I’m not sure where to look to harvest the base underdark tileset so I know which files are actually new and unique to either of these sets and which ones come from the base game.

Please help!


Well, welcome to my personal hell.

So, in the most basic terms possible, what you need to do is modify the .set (Tileset, contains references to all of the tiles in a tileset) and .itp (Tileset palette) files to include references to both Helvene’s ruins and the Dragon City one.

(I will add, this very thing of merging the two into one is something on my ‘I gotta do this as some point’ list but also got very sidetracked by me finding out about Lodrezzon’s Underworld tileset and basically my mad, crazy dream of making the ultimate Underdark merge with select tiles from that set)

Velmer’s guide is a great go-to on such if you’ve never ducked into that before, but from what I know of my own poking into Ruins and Dragon City they shouldn’t be too hard to merge

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Thanks for the tutorials. I’m actively chipping away at the set file for the ruins to isolate what is actually new so that it can be merged. Once I’m done merging them and have changed the .itp file, I’m going to test it and if… IF… I get it working, I intend to upload it to the vault as a combohak. You can use that as a springboard to work on your own merger.