Tintable faces in CEP

does anyone happen to have a list of which heads in the CEP have faces whose lips and eyes can be tinted (usually using the tattoo1 and tattoo2 colours) ?


If you tell me which attribute in the modelfile is responsible for that, it should be easy. A simple grep

@Mmat: That is defined in the PLT-texture! So, if an eye is tintable eg. via the Tatoo-channel, you would see the (grey scale) eye (-texture) in the Tatoo layer. To check PLT-layers, you need a PLT editor or a plugin/extension for eg. Gimp (there is one for Gimp 2.6).

hi @mmat,
yes, as @BlackRider pointed out, it’s a little more complicated. the only way i know of is to load each .plt file into the editor one by one and change the default setting of the appropriate channels [in this case, tattoo1 and tattoo2] and observe what changes in the image.

i originally posted thinking there might be some sort of list out there somewhere, but this is more of a ‘would be nice’ rather than a high priority for me, so i’m not going to sweat it if it turns out there is none.


ps- for info, here’s a tutorial on using .plt files.

Cool, thanks Black Rider and Xorbaxian. I learned something new!

Well, if it’s in the plt, then the only way I can think of is a anaysis of this files on binary level. Maybe something turnes out which could be used as rule for a mass analysis. That would require a plt of the very same head, one with and one without channeling as the only difference.

Or you just cycle through the heads in-game and check whether the eye/lips color match the tattoo colours. Seems to me somewhat faster.

or… you use the NWN Explorer! Forgot about that! If you choose a pheno mdl (eg. head), you get a “Palette”-TAB left of the displayed model. There you can check/change colors.