Tis That Season Again

For my annual in-game Christmas Card -

As usual made with this project of mine. Anyone else fancy making a better one using it?



Contributing in the name of Holiday Cheer:

It’s not Christmas until somebody’s eyes melted out of their skull from all the lights.

Explanation of what you are looking at.

Please note the progression of 2d deer, to 3d deer, to real deer (in the real world, which is conspicuously absent in this picture, but which should be considered part of the picture even if it is not actually in the picture). This is intended as a melancholy reference to digital art itself, virtually representing things that exist in the real world, often without either creator or observer ever having personally seen the real thing. This extends to the trees, which, lit up in garish glow-in-the-dark colours, represent the fake “light-bulb-chain pine tree”-constructs people sometimes put up in their gardens during this holiday season.

The disorienting glare of the green square under the “To” creates a break in the very focus point of the image, disrupting the reader midway through reading the text. Meanwhile, the blocky squares clipping into one another represent glitches in videogames - and the overall theme of a glitch, a break through a shiny facade, of fake things and glowing lights, mournfully yearning for the tangible reality of snow, and trees, and reindeer. But, more than that, the incredible artistic depths of this picture speak of yearning that the smiling facades of estranged families that reconvene for the holidays, awkwardly pretending to not only get along, but to be of good cheer, consuming alcoholic substances or hallucinogens to endure the holidays, reflect the truth of their feelings; that we are not simply pretending when we smile and greet one another, that we truly care for one another, rather than just for the gift-wrapped boxes (see the squares, again) we bring with us - a pretense for the sake of the children (2d deer, very comic-y infantile style), which the adults among us (3d deer, slightly more realistic) may begin to see through, with melancholy (blue background) and anger (red tree), and envy (green background), although we too do not dare look towards reality (real life deer, absent).

Also, the impossibly even smoothness of the squares stands for the terror of being bad at gift-wrapping, completely embarrassing yourself when your crinkly wrinkly mess of a gift is put beside the impeccably-wrapped ones of more competent gift-wrappers. And the loops of the ribbons on the bells are actually warped infinity symbols, representing the inescapability of it all. The boxes also stand for gift wrap paper in the sense that people need to earn money to buy gifts and gift wraps, and digital artists construct virtual objects in order to make a living, which adds another layer of meaning, where the virtual facade is simultaneously there to distract from tangible reality and sustains the continued existence of (the observer)'s personal tangible reality - bringing us back to the meaning of the picture as a melancholy reference to the very essence of digital art itself.

The title of this piece is “Season’s Greetings To You”, and this has been epic-level bullshitting. Good evening.

(sidenote: the snowflakes make for a very nice the “the floor is plastered with stars”-effect when shrunk down and a white glow VFX is applied to them. very pretty. would recommend.)


As it is now 2019 in New Zealand -