TLK in the hak?

I noticed this while taking a peek at LPP prestige classes, is there any benefit to this, or perhaps is it just an easy method for packaging? Just curious!

If it helps im running latest patch on E.E.

I see that while the .tlk files are indeed in the .hak, this seems to be redundant, because the .tlk files are also provided stand-alone, with instructions to install them in the tlk folder as usual.

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right, i saw that myself but i swear i saw this on other haks too (i just can’t remember which ones) so i guess it’s something of a simple error.

it had me thought there were benfits to it which i doubt there would be .Tlk’s operate in their complimentary locations, which i dont think there would be any reason to put them in haks other than for easy packaging or insured methods that the tlk is recieved, but im only assuming what it could be.