TlkEdit2 and Java

I’ve been using this to make various fixes and mods to my content for some years. However it is now asking for the outdated Java 1.5.0 runtime environment which is no longer available.

Any ideas for getting this to work or an alternative editor that runs on current systems?

I am not aware of any alternative 2DA editor which would run on windows 10.

I mean the 2daEdit0.63 would run, but windows (and not just windows but many other avs as well) is flagging it as a virus and doesn’t let you run it…

I’m using plain notepad… suboptimal but I really haven’t found better alternative. (And I tried that notepad++ that TR is propagating but I don’t know how to highlight columns and without it I don’t see any advantage over windows notepad).

an alternative editor that runs on current systems?

NeverWorker or NWN_2daEditor. There’s also TabularFramework (this and this).

That’s for 2da. For editing *.gff you can use GFFEditor, for editing TLK – NWN2 TLK Editor or xml2tlk/tlk2xml command-line utilities from xoreos-tools package.

Don’t know about getting it to work… TLKEdit2 works fine for me on WIn10, but I haven’t updated JRE for a very long time.

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There is also my tlk compiler, which if you are on Linux will work nicely for you. Even easier than XML, which is overkill for tlk files. (It’s pretty simple code, I keep hoping someone who cares about windows and has a c compiler, will make it build there …)

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Have you tried using Libre Office calc? I find that it works nicely with 2das since they’re essentially CSV’s just remember to save them as space separated rather than column separated.

@Shadooow While I don’t think this is what you are after, here is a little video that illustrates column mode in Notepad++ and here is a text explanation on how to access column mode. What I suspect you are wanting to do is to select the header and the whole column is selected. Alas Notepad++ is just a (very fancy) text editor primarily targeted at code entry and not a spreadsheet and so doesn’t have that functionality. It does however let you do some pretty neat stuff in column editing mode as seen in that video.

So why am I such an enthusiast of npp? A modern tabbed interface for one. The fact that you can stop halfway through and exit without losing any work (it makes temporary copies). The selectable ability to search and or search/replace across tabs (i.e. correct an error across for example 6 files in one operation). It allows you to set and remove bookmarks just by clicking to the left of the text you want to bookmark. It has a lot of things you can do without having to add to the program (it ships with a built in spellchecker).

By using Fancy Colors (found on this site) it is possible to have code highlighting for NWScript in Notepad++. Also Symmetric did something similar for ASCII .mdl files (also on here). Lastly there are a number of plug-ins that extend what you can do. The best way to access these is to use the third party plug-in manager (the notepad++ people are apparently working on their own). One of my favourites is the compare plugin that allows you to compare files loaded into notepad++ without any external programs.

So that is why.


You can still get Java 1.5 from the Oracle Java Archives

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it’s also possible to hookin an external compiler w/ the NppExec plugin

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Thanks everyone. Let me play with some of these a bit and see what I can do.

you could try double-clicking the .jar file instead the .exe

i mean, it’s like sometimes (rarely) java has a hard time finding itself (or somethin like that). i recall that there’s a bunch of startup options that can be specified for java apps … stuff like specifying min and max memory … there might be one that tells an app to look for the runtime in such-and-such a directory

just throwing it out there,

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Java archive

Includes old versions back to at least 1.1 .

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hmm the column feature is really useful, finally something that will help me add/remove column in 2das

but yea, I mainly want to lock the column names so when im editing line 5000 I would see which column am I modifying without need to scroll top and back all the time

also I miss the 2daEdit0.63 copy&paste columns/lines ability that was very cool feature

For comparing files, the Beyond Compare 2 is my top favourite, however I just recently ran out of trial time and the newer version 4.0 isn’t as good, so I will give it a try (or I’ll buy BC2…)

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Yes but it always saves the 2da with tabs and I must repair it manually in notepad after. Still currently only way how to copy&paste lines and columns…

LibreOffice is also lazy loading…

I miss old 2daEdit0.63, best 2da editor of all times

Yes but it always saves the 2da with tabs and I must repair it manually in notepad after. Still currently only way how to copy&paste lines and columns…

You can tell it to use space and not tabs when opening the 2da.

It does take a while to load but once up and running you can edit and view it like any spreadsheet. Freeze or split rows and such.

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You don’t need to do it manually. Load it into notepad++ and then use Edit/Blank Operations ->

There is one small downside to using npp though. By default it uses utf-8 while NwN expects ANSI/ASCII. This is easily fixed in the Encoding main menu item.


It works great for me on Windows 10. I also have the latest JRE since I must use it for work.

TlkEdit2? Wierd, I’m getting a specific error message about java, 1.5. Maybe the message is worded incorrectly and it’s really saying it can’t find java period. I’ll reinstall tonight if I can find a few minutes and see if I can get these two bits to talk to each other.

Yes, I’m not sure why it won’t work for you. If I knew more, I would try to help, but it just works for me.

Tlkedit2 would not run for me either. I tried running the tlkedit.jar directly but I believe it was corrupting my dialog.tlk file as it was running in NWN1 mode with only half of the correct buffer memory. After it deleted 5K to 7K from two different dialog.tlk files, I took a closer look. Tlkedit2.exe is just a wrapper. It passes command-line arguments to java.exe before calling tlkedit.jar. The arguments are found in TlkEdit2.l4j.ini. I created a shortcut to tlkedit.jar, and then replaced the command-line with this -
Target box: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe” -Dtlkedit.defaultNwnVersion=NWN2 -Xmx256M -Dtlkedit.serverport=4712 -jar “E:\GoGgames\Neverwinter Nights II\Editor\TlkEdit-R13d\tlkedit.jar”

You will need to alter your string to reflect the location of your tlkedit.jar file. But now it works with the latest version of Java and runs in NWN2 mode with the correct memory buffer size.

I am using 1.3d which was the latest version I could find.