To Soz, or not to SoZ, that is the question?

For the official campaigns you do not need copies of them in the documents/campaigns folder. That is why you are seeing them twice.

Also, the Makeovers are not designed or tested to work with saved games created before the Makeovers were installed.

I renamed all three of the campaigns in the documents/campaigns folder so they should not be seen, but I still have two copies of each. It was also said that the Documents /Neverwinter Nights 2 folder was the one that mattered as it would override the main game files, so which is correct ?.. Sirten Deth…

I have not been using old saves after installing a makeover. I have been through the harvest fair so many times that I should be able to do it blind folded. I am now playing MotB and it seems to be working fine, though I I have only just got out of the barrow, into town, and started shopping. I do not know how ANYBODY can go through a game as fast as they do. I spend WAAAAYY more time in the shops than it takes others to do the whole game. I figure I might as well get as much time & enjoyment as I can out of a game. That is considering it is working correctly… Sirten Deth…

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Renaming the original folders will not be enough. The game will still look at them unless you move them entirely out or zip them and delete the folders.