Tony_K's Monster AI compatibility question

Hi all. Close to releasing my campaign I need to make a list of compatible mods. I have tweaked the monster AI via the monster variable CUSTOM_SCRIPT_AI (or however it’s called). Will that be a problem for players using Tony_K’s? My scripts include fallbacks to the default AI if something goes wrong.

It all depends on the exact commands you put in your custom DCR scripts (X2_SPECIAL_COMBAT_AI_SCRIPT), but I’m 99% sure it won’t produce any major issues.

Just general actions to be taken by the monster. casting specific spells, attacking specific classes etc. If no such action is possible, it reverts to the default AI.

Then it should be OK. Tony_K’s AI mod had been already integrated into the game (partly) by Obsidian themselves when SoZ came out, so I suggest not to worry on this much.

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confirming that X2_SPECIAL_COMBAT_AI_SCRIPT works in Tonyk pretty much the same as the stock AI.

Alright, thanks for the replies. Good to know :+1: