[TOOLS] NWN Explorer 1.8 FIXED - See Last Post for Link to Virusman's v1.81

You have to put the .exe file in the \Data folder with nwn_base.key and dialog.tlk. It opens fine from there and reads all the files, but it doesn’t read the \Neverwinter Nights folders in MyDocuments.

I’m not sure if the next update will remove it from the \Data folder

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And if you put nwnexplorer.exe into your \MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights folder and then copy nwn_base.key and dialog.tlk to that folder as well, you can open ALL the main game files plus any files you have in MyDocuments\Neverwinter Nights

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And it appears you can’t export anything if you use the install from the 2nd post. Hmmmm…I’m stumped.

The old NWNExplorer was working for me (regardless of location) if the EE key file is copied from Data to the parent folder, then opened using the big Open button.

Not sure about 8188 as I still can’t download it.

Yeah that’s I’m how doing it now - I was trying to get the full functionality back (e.g. custom haks visible as well as EE resources)

I’m hoping virusman will see this and fix what ails it

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile I expect you know that the big Open button will open custom haks, too, one at a time.

Oh yeah - its just with the amount of content I flip through (20 haks) its a pain having to open then individually.

Virusman has fixed this issue in v1.81