[Toolset] Cursing on Trees

Why the hell, the trees of NwN2 have tags and resref if I can’t still target them?

I’m trying to do something with trees: Plant them, cut them down …

But with the CreateObject function I’m not able to make them appear.

With the GetObjectByTag function I am not able to target them, even if they have a tag.

I’m really frustrated and pissed off.

I used cutting down trees in my module…sort of. I had to use an invisible object (don’t remember what it’s called) put where the tree is so that the player could attack the “tree” and when that invisible object was destroyed I created wood (planks I believe) in his inventory. But, sure, the trees where still there, but there’s a lot of them in the place that I used so it didn’t matter that much.
But I remember being as frustrated as you are that one can’t do anything with trees. It’s almost, but not quite, the same with doors (there are placeable doors that can be downloaded on the vault). So there are many weird things with NWN2.

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