Toolset (EE) hangs


Yesterday the Toolset stopped working. When I try and load any area in any mod, the Toolset just freezes with a not responding status.

Pretty weird because the day before it was working fine. I have tried uninstalling all mods and then validating using the Beamdog client, but still get the same problem. The NWN Toolset works fine loading the same Mods (installed on NWN).

Running Windows 10 and EE 78.8187.

Any thoughts on what I could do to resolve this will be very much appreciated.



Have you tried bypassing the BeamDog client and launching the EE toolset directly from its folder? At least that way we can find out if its a client issue or a toolset issue. It will also allow you to check the filesize of the toolset on your machine. On mine it comes in at 8,001 KB.




Thanks for responding.

Mine is 7.81 MB (8,195,072 bytes) - so looks to be the same size.

I actually use NIT to launch the Toolset, which specifies the location of the User Folder on the Toolset call line.

I tried launching it directly and at first it loaded, then after a short time it crashed. Second time it hung for a while then crashed.

Really strange that it was working and then suddenly stopped.

Any other thoughts?



Try to delete the ‘nwtoolset.ini’ file ! That works for me each time Aurora crashes…
But I don’t know why the toolset crashes… :confused:



If @kaliopsys’s suggestion works I have one of my own. Immediately upon the toolset working create an archive with the working nwtoolset.ini file in it. That way you can compare a working version with a “broken” one in case you want to submit an error report to BD.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work :frowning:



Similar to this?



Looks similar, except that the mod always loads, the hang happens when I try and load any area.

I didn’t see any solution to the problem in the thread (only saying this in case I missed something).



Looks like a driver-based variant of a previous error I’d reported.

“Yesterday I had a problem with toolset crash on area load when I updated the NVidia driver to the latest version 419.67 realised 03/25/2019. This issue solved after downgrade to older driver’s version…”



Many thanks for this - looks like the driver is the culprit - I have the same version.

I have reported the issue to NVidia.



Latest NVidia driver does not resolve Toolset hang problem :slight_smile:

Given that the NWN Toolset does not have the same issue, I wonder if there is something Beamdog is doing that should be changed to resolve the issue.

I live in hope that one side or the other resolves this problem.



Last I heard, rolling back was the answer. I’m still on an old driver, no problems so far.



Thanks for that. I am aware, but would like to see the issue resolved when using the latest driver, hence my post.

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