Toolset Hangs when Making area Transition

Since installing EE I’ve been ken to get back to a bit of building. frustratingly the toolset freezes every time I create an area transition. anyone any ideas on that?

Are these regular door-to-door (or door-to-waypoint) transitions?

There is a bug in-game with existing trigger-to-trigger transitions (they are unusable) but I don’t know if they hang the toolset.

If you have nvidia graphic card go into nvidia settings and disable “Threaded optimization” for nwn toolset.

But this solution was for another issue - toolset crashing frequently, so it is not guaranteed that it helps. Let me know anyway.

I’ve another suggestion: Gremlins! There are always Gremlins! In my computer are a lot of then, causing much mischief!

But I guess the suggestion results will be somewhat better if the desciption of the fault would be more specific:

  • when does the toolset freeze: while drawing the polygone or during setting of the properties?
  • does it happen with any tileset or just with one?
  • have you deinstalled any 3rd party add ons and any items in override and tried again?