[Toolset] how to manage with party creation via script?

I know I can manage party creation and party creation size by the campaign editor plugin.

But there is a way to set this in a module via script?

I know, I make a lot of questions this days.

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but in the module I’m creating right now I’m using Colorfade’s and Andysks Companion System:

It’s based on the party handling in the OC. So if you want the GUI where you choose which companions to go with you at the moment this is pretty neat. (I have however encountered some small strange bugs with hangouts even though the scripts looks extremely well thought out and solid, I think it may come down to my limited knowledge in scripting though)

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also, filter ScriptAssist by keyword “roster”

Nope, for party creation I mean custom imported characters.
By default they are four.
Campaign editor plugins allow to change the number, but how via script?

how will they be “imported” into the game? If the intention is to put them into the party by design, then it’s up to the designer/builder to check how many party members there already are and script accordingly.

On the other hand, if using the party selection gui, these functs get and set the limit of Companions available to the player.

//RWT-OEI 09/29/05
//This command puts a limit on the number of Roster NPCS that can be
//added to a player's party via the Party Selection GUI.
//The default is always 3, unless changed via this script function
void SetRosterNPCPartyLimit( int nLimit );

//RWT-OEI 09/29/05
//This returns the current Roster NPC Party Limit. This limit is the
//number of Roster NPCs that can be added to a player's party via
//the Party Select screen. Note that AddRosterMemberToParty() is
//not limited by this value.
int GetRosterNPCPartyLimit();

/as far as i’m aware

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oh, in the PartyEditor “Party Members 4/4”

i looked through ‘partygen.xml’ but didn’t see anything, looks hardcoded to get/set the value only from/to the Campaign file.

didn’t see anything particularly interesting in NwScript.nss either …