[Toolset] Let's talk about the map notes

I have created an object that places a map note on the ground, but I find several shortcomings.
Through script I have not found a way to change the text of the note.
In addition, the note is not immediately visible, you have to enter and exit the area to see it marked on the map.
I tried to run an exploreareaforplayer after placing the note, but it doesn’t work: the note doesn’t become visible on the map until I reload the area.
The player can’t put notes on the map, in the base game, right?
In NWN1 it seems to me it could.
Any suggestions on how to manage map notes? Am I missing something?

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How I do it :

Use Waypoint.
MAp Not are a property on a waypoint you can hide or show it with the function : SetMapPinEnabled

The text that will be displayed is on the comment field. You can set the color and the comment in the toolset.

With scripting you hide or show it. It works, but it’s not a dynamic assignation of the text or the color, they are static, only if it’s visible or not is dynamic.


I have a Map Pin System in my module, The Scroll, which does add dynamic Map Pins. It uses a hybrid approach, but overall works well. I will post a screen shot for you…

It uses a dedicated placeable that leaves a named marker in the world, which does show on the map (but without text until you leave the area and return). However, you can an UPDATE by a button that quickly takes you out of an area and returns you in a matter of a second or two if you need an immediate reminder. (Most of the time, this is not necessary though, as players exit and return in general play anyway.)

More details here … The World of Althéa: Map Pins For The Player

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