Toolset/making cave really dark?

Hello i only figured out properties of each individual tile making lights black so it took me forever, is there any way i can make an area fully dark so players require lighting at least? Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried right clicking on your Area name, select properties menu item, select visual tab, then “Reset to Black”, interior dark, or exterior dark ?

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Hello i tried everything sorry for the late reply, nothing feels dark enough for my tastes ahah!

Go to the “properties” of your area and under “visual” chose “reset to black”. Since I can’t say for sure if this makes the area count as Interior you should click on “customize environment” and tick the “always night” box. You can also reduce the fog distance there.

Depending on the tileset and haks, some features will still have inherent light that can not be switched off in the “tile properites” like glowing funghi, crystals, etc, you’ll have to edit out these features while in “use area lighting” mode (the 5th icom from the right in the menu bar)


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: these forums still amazing!!!

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Sorry i can’t find use area lighting mode :frowning: !!!

Check out the bar with all the icons on top of the toolset window. 5th from the right is to switch “use area lighting” on and off.

Usually working on an area, builders switch it off (just as “fog” and “display shadows”) because it makes placing stuff a lot easier - especially triggers. But to identifiy any tileset lights and generally get a feeling how the module will look for the player, builders turn them back on again from time to time

Bless you sir it works like a charm :wink:

You may also want to consider that some interior tilesets have “lit” versions of tiles. This is typically a floor or wall section that is glowing for no apparent reason. If I want a place to be really dark I keep cycling through tiles until I get one that has no natural glow.

yeah that’s what ive been doing its quite a pain but i deal with it :wink:

If you mean p.e. the city or castle sections that are randomly lit (in the weirdest colors sometimes), these can mostly be edited in the Tile properties.

This feature can also be quite useful to discreetly light areas. Just choose some yellowish/orange light, check out the wall or corner where its applied and place a light object that does NOT actually emit light there. In-game it appears as if the object is lighting the area without the halo effect of actual light objects. It works very good for candle light or to naturally light caves in choosing some bluish/greenish light color and then placing mushrooms, weeds or crystalls there.

EDIT: I just tried it out, choosing “Set to black” in Area/Properties/Visual puts black color into every light box in the single “Tile properties” and they can be manually edited to have light afterwards.

One could also try out "Interior Torch-lit only"in Area/Properties/Visual , which has the effect to add lit torches to EVERY tile where this is an option but turns all tile color lights (called “Main Lights”) to black in many (but not all) interior tilesets. The area can then be made even darker: Most tiles have “Source Light 1” and “Source Light 2” options (p.e. 2 torches on opposing corridor walls) in choosing black color for one of the two or choose “black” for the “Source Lights” of every second tile the area just gets darker and darker.

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If setting the tileset to “reset to dark” and cycling past glowing tiles is still not enough, then consider my mod to disable human “glow vision” completely. Humans in NWN are given an inherent vision equivalent to candlelight. So if you want your dark to be truly dark, take a look at:

PnP Vision, Light spells, and torches [HCR]

This mod also reduces the brightness of torches and light spells to be in line with the PnP rules. It does also increase the brightness of lowlight vision and darkvision so as to better reflect the PnP fules.


Awesome thanks :wink: clicking now

Sir i want to use your awesome mod but i don’t know how to instal it properly or make sure people playing my server use it too? I’m still noob at most things and learning, used to rp a lot on nwn tho, your help is much appreciated please !!

@toupzykin - If you want to use all of the content as is, then in your module/PW, include “pnp_vision_patch” as one of your haks. Then direct your players to the PnP Vision page on the vault and have them download & install the archive and put the files in the appropriate directories.

Then ensure that your vendors sell the custom torch instead of the default torch (which is too bright IMHO). However new characters will still get the default torch. If you want them to use the custom torch instead, you could edit all of the character packages and replace “nw_it_torch001” with “torch”. Or, you can strip all new characters of their items, forcing them to use what you give them, or give them gold and force them to buy from merchants. A third method is to write an OnEnter script that cycles through their inventory and replaces the default torch with the custom torch.

If anyone can tell me how to edit the default torch and save it without creating a new resref, then I will gladly update the hak!

Awesome thanks :smiley:

Just create your new torch as per normal, then copy it’s uti file out and rename it as nw_it_torch001.uti and add it to your hak. That should override the Bioware default.

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@toupzykin - I updated the PnP Vision, Light spells, and Torch hak v1.1 to include overrides for the NWN standard torch, glittering necklace, ring of jade, crimson, etc. as well as all of the light gems. Now you don’t have to worry about players joining with standard NWN items that have bright light sources and you can ignore the various workarounds I suggested.

@pscythe - AAAAAgggghhh!!! Thank you so much for what should’ve been blindingly obvious to me!:scream:

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Thanks guys!