[Toolset] NPC Cleric Domain know bug solution?

I know that if I create a cleric NPC and I chose any domain, I’ll get always a Air/Animal Domains as a bug.

Is there actually a solution?
Cause I have to made a cleric companion with earth domain, but by toolset i can’t select stoneskin in his memorized spell.
I know I could add him a special ability, but… what a stupid bug!

Why the toolset doesn’t recognize the domains?

I know I can create a PC and store it as NPC in campaign database, to recall it in game by script.
Advices for how to do this?

To Store the PC as NPC on the database:

StoreCampaignObject("cleric_npc_data", "saved_cleric", OBJECT_SELF);

To retrieve it for later use:

RetrieveCampaignObject("cleric_npc_data", "saved_cleric", GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF));

For multiple clerics you will have to change “saved_cleric” to something different like “saved_cleric_1”, “saved_cleric_2”, ecc, obviously.

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This is a very good solution.
But where is the saved Campaign file where I store the PC=> NPC?

In the database folder of the MyDocuments/Neverwinter Nights 2, although I don’t think it matters from your point of view, you’re only interested in storing and recalling it, right?

Yes, but if I want to reset all, I don’t want to made a script, but just delete the file. :smile:

Yes, ok, you can delete that file, sure, but then the retrieve campaign object function won’t work anymore.

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I know, but I’m still building my module. I have to make different try.

Alternatively you can set a package via script in game, and it will stay as such. Alter the packages.2da to create your package or use on of the existing ones. Then use SetLevelUpPackage(NPC object, integer 2da line of package);

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