Toolset Question: Change/Swap/Remove First Player Character

I know that in Campaign Plugin, I can set the number of custom character I could create for my current module.
I can add custom characters, remove them all, but not the first.

There’s a way to include the first character in this swap system?

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The main pc can’t be swapped.

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As an experiment, I tried to switch characters out via saved games files and via the NWN2 Character editor. No joy on either I’m afraid. You’ll have to start anew if you want a different character.

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The only work-around I’ve ever seen is to copy the player.bic file from one saved game into the one you want to change. Problem is, the one you paste in will not have the same stats, it will not have any new history feats, it won’t have the GP or XP (could be good or bad) and any variables stored on the PC could be gone/changed/screwed.

I don’t remember why I even did it but it will work under limited circumstance. Try it at your own risk.

Best of luck


I’ll give up.
Thanks to all.

The only way to implement this is a workaround where your owned (main) character is automatically weakened to 1 everywhere and turned into a wisp (so he’s irrelevant in gameplay, it will just act as your camera point of view), and then you have a second slot to make the character (which would act as the real main character) from the SoZ Party Editor.

This method, however, is bound to cause several issues with OC and MOTB or any campaign that relies on the owned character to be an actual character, and not just a wisp :stuck_out_tongue:


i guess a guy could break out a GFF editor … and operate on the savedgame’s .bic file ?

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Thanks for all the answers. I’ll take count of that.

I just had an idea for my module revolving changing the main PC, but as I suspected, according to you, it’s not possible. @kevL_s showed how to save a PC character and then recall him in the game, so I thought maybe one could save him and switch to one of the companions and then he would emerge later in the game but…as suspected it seems that NWN2 just wasn’t made for this kind of thing.

Thinking wildly: Could you somehow change the appearance of the PC to that of one of the companions, teleport that companion somewhere, and pretend the the PC to be the companion, and then spawn in the main a copy of the main PC that you later encounter, let the companion rejoin the party and at the same time switch back the appearance for the main PC. When it comes to skills and such it could possibly become quite weird 'cause the PC, pretending to be the companion, would have all of the PCs skills but…Well, what do you think?

EDIT: Looking at the toolset there are quite a lot of APPEARANCE_TYPE_HUMAN_NPC_MALE_01 for example. Maybe you could set the appearance to that of the PC, give him the armor of the companion and…well, just brainstorming here…

EDIT2: LOL! I just tested with a simple script to turn my PC into APPEARANCE_TYPE_HUMAN_NPC_MALE_01. He became invisible, the portrait disappeared and when clicking C to get the character sheet and running around a bit, the game crashed to desktop.
The script I used looked like this:

void main()
object oPC = GetFirstPC();

SetCreatureAppearanceType(oPC, 267);

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