Toolset screen resolution and pop-up window size

Hi again

So I just got a new (to me) PC laptop for the sole purpose of running the toolset. Everything runs great except…

The laptop has max resolution of 1366x768. When I click the little arrow to add a condition or action script to a conversation node, the pop-up window is too tall and the search box is inaccessible above the top of the screen. So all I can do is scroll through the gc or ga scripts. I think that pop-up is set to a height of 800 pixels. It’s not a show stopper but it’s super annoying.

Google has not helped and I’ve looked through all the xml files to see if I can adjust this setting but no joy. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

you could try Options|Reset (beside the Ok/Cancel buttons)

(then perhaps close and reload the toolset – ps. I don’t know if that button resets only the current view so maybe go through and reset each one)

Or close the toolset, and on your hardrive find the toolset preferences folder

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset

and delete it (or just rename it) and it should get created again when the toolset is reloaded.

/not sure if it’ll work but it’s the only thing i can think of

Thanks but neither of those worked. The setting for that window must be somewhere in an .xml. Everything else in the game is :slight_smile:

There’s also a NWN2.ini file in the “My Documents<NWN2>” folder.
It includes a specific section about [Display] where height and size are defined:
[Display Options]

However there’s no equivalent in NWN2player.ini, so I’m not sure the weight and height also apply to the toolset.

Thanks 4760. I’ll check those ini files out. In the end I may just swap this laptop out for one with a full HD screen. Fortunately the shop where I got it allows that.

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