Toolset showing robe, but in-game robe is transparent



See my problem?
I have no overrides, no hakpacks, this is a fresh install of NWN Diamond from (installed 2-3 days ago). Running with Geforce GTX 970. What could be the problem?

I think we all ran into this at least once.

In my case it happened after a windows 10 update, manually installing the newest driver for my Nvidia card solved it. Others had to revert to a previous driver version for their respective graphics card, it’s a mess.

I see. It’s just strange you can see it in the toolset but not in the game; I guess it’s a lighting/rendering thing. Oh well. I’ll just “cope with the losses” here.

Just try updating the drivers on your graphics card, in most cases that does the trick.

Well, it doesn’t bother me personally-- what bothers me is that potential players on my PW will suffer from not seeing these items while others do (if you say everyone runs into it at least once). I was just hoping it’s a settings issue I guess. It might be best if I would actually not update my driver so I could pick up on what type of items can trigger these glitches just to have more data points about this issue.

Updating the nVidia drivers seems to fix this for everyone now - regression no longer necessary.

If players report intermittent invisible robes / cloaks (often fixed by save-load) it is exactly the same issue, likewise weird shiny / metallic textures. The player experience varies slightly depending on hardware and even from one area to the next, but the root cause is always the same.

It can affect any robe or cloak item, so best update those drivers.

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