[Toolset-Solved] How to remove pause/tutorial after camera changing?

When I create a module bound to the x2 Campaign, it happens that every time I change the camera’s view for the first time, the game pauses and a tutorial comes out.
Is there a way to eliminate this pause and this tutorial without necessarily having to break away from the x2 campaign?
Is there any variable that must be set when the module is loaded?

iirc SoZ uses global_variables to flag whether or not to show tutorial screens. You’d have to hunt around to find what its varname is, then set it OnModuleLoad or similar.

I don’t really know where to start this kind of hunt…

here’s an idea

if my hunch is correct, the variable will be written to globals.xml in the save folder. So… start a new game, change the view to make the tutorial pop, then immediately save the game and close. And look in the savegame folder, globals.xml, and scroll to the bottom … the var should be near the bottom (hopefully).

One of the load scripts checks and displays the variable, I eliminated it for Bedine, it should be in my SoZ demo/documentation module on the Vault

I think I found the solution looking for tutorials named script of the campaign.

SetLocalInt(GetPrimaryPlayer(), “bStratTutorialShown”, TRUE);
SetLocalInt(GetPrimaryPlayer(), “bExpTutorialShown”, TRUE);
SetLocalInt(GetPrimaryPlayer(), “bCharTutorialShown”, TRUE);

These are the Variables to set TRUE on the player to remove the annoying camera mode tutorials.