Toolset Tutorials: 5 Minute Bitesize Topics

Posting here to share a collection of videos I have been putting together covering various tasks in the NWN toolset for the curious procrastinator, to the beginner and maybe something for others. Ultimately this is to share how quick and easily a module can be put together, and to encourage more people to do so :slight_smile:


Just had a look at these. Great work ! Clear explanations, high quality video and short so even my attention span isn’t stretched. As someone who (in light of current events should I get used to saying used to?) use the toolset with kids in school this would be an excellent resource for today’s “don’t give me paper I want a video” generation :grinning:

Well done ! Hope you keep going. I’ll post a link to these in the Educational forum for other teachers looking for resources.


Thank you, glad to hear it’s been of service to you. If there’s a topic that can be clearly shown in 5 minutes, I’ll do it. There is plenty of topics that would take longer though. I’ll probably have to create a companion series for that. Fantastic to read you want to share the videos for teaching. All the videos are suitable for any age group.

If there’s any reactions or comments for the videos, do share them. It all helps me generate better videos and gets more eyes on them :slight_smile:

Not so far, at least from me. Apart from really enjoying them I had two thoughts.

  1. The title screen looks VERY busy but that’s just me being old . . .

  2. I watched the area properties video. With the class one of the biggest reactions we got was near the start when I put the first area they had built up on the Whiteboard. I set it time wise so it would change to sunset and we got a gasp from the class as the blue turned to pink/purple in front of them !

However, neither of these are relevant to a very good series. I’ve put up a brief link to them in the Education category.

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