Toolset Weapons Help T.T

I’m trying to visualize in toolset a kukri named wspku_t_041 but only the 01 model and 4 colors appear in top, middle and bottom. The MaxRange of baseitems.2da is 255. The weapon works well (works replacing the wspku_t_011 bioware model) and I tried another numbers.

There are more ranges in another weapons that I can’t visualize … like the “180 model” (181,182…) of the greatsword top.

Finally, I have a new weapon texted in baseitems. Plus I have one model and four colors. The problem is that adding other models, they don’t appear in the toolset for that weapon either -.-. Any solution?

Thanks for your time.

iirc you need also models 21 31 to make toolset show 041

Thx for the answer. Doesn’t work like 021 either. Not even as 015 >.<. Also, the greatsword only lacks the 180 model on the top:

I remember running into the same issue, but I don’t feel certain about what the problem was. I think it might’ve been something like same-named texture files and inventory icons needing to be included, in some cases requiring duplication of already-existing files.

In case that lead doesn’t work out - if you upload the files, I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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I thought I had already tried including the inventory icons… but seems that I forgot it for some reason. Was that, thanks! However, I find it strange because some weapons are displayed without their icons. I’m feeling like your profile pic :thinking:… Either way, thanks again!

Besides, I take this opportunity to thank you for the spectacular work you do with the other CCC makers! :hugs:

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