Torch Problem

On EE. Is there a limit to the number of different torch appearances? Currently I have 8 custom appearance (which gives a total of 11 chooseable appearances) and I want to expand past that. Thing is my new appearances don’t show up in the appearances section of the properties I wish to edit. So have I bumped up against a NwN limit or have I made a mistake somewhere along the line.



Check the MaxRange column in baseitems.2da - I set Q to 255 for all items

The default for torch was 50 which I have now set to 255. Didn’t help. Thanks anyway.


Never heard of that before. What files are you currently using to define the torch icons/model files? They probably need to be in a contiguous block and require TGA icons for the toolset, which is a tad annoying.

Just CEP1 has like 80 custom torch appearances (various flags and symbols) and they definitely don’t need to follow in numbers so this is very odd. It also doesn’t matter if there is model I think, it should work with just TGA image (and then default model is shown, so probably a bag). Maybe you are using dds? I think dds for icons generally work, in EE at least, but toolset might have issues with them (for example toolset won’t show any loadscreen in other format then TGA). Better stick with TGA for icons.

Another thing I would try is to just use the images/models in a custom hak that will have nothing else and try that in clean module. Ie. no baseitems.2da . As you said default max is 50 so if your appearances uses lower number than that it must work without baseitems.2da - so knowing if it works in clean module could determine whether the problem is in baseitems.2da or not.

And if it won’t work even in clean module, perhaps you could send it to us so we can steal you custom torch models while pretending to help you make it work. :stuck_out_tongue:

They definitely require TGA icons, but, unless EE changed something for torches, you should be able to skip numbers for any baseitem.

Thanks. Your suggestion to put just the icons in a hak of their own led to me finding what the problem was. At first they still didn’t appear when I looked at the appearance so just to check I added a single working icon to the little hak. Once I did that, I didn’t even need to resave the hak as it was immediately obvious what the problem was. Somewhere along the way the leading zero had been stripped from the icon images - iit_torch_038 had become iit_torch_38. Used AntRenamer to insert the missing zeroes and voila, there were the missing icons. I still can’t figure how I missed that after staring at the filenames for hours.

Having got that done I have tested in game and the model appears to work just fine too. Of course I need go through and test them all but for now as far as I am concerned, this problem is fixed.