Toro's Rural Expansion - Raise/Lower

Just a quick question.

I’m working on my own custom tileset. I noticed that the (amazing) Toro’s Rural Expansion has a really clever raise/lower technique on the grass terrain that provides a sort of multi-tier effect. This is something I owuld love to replicate on my own tileset.

I’ve unpacked the hak and had a nosy through the set file but I can’t quite figure out how it has been achieved. Does anyone have any more information? Or is there a tutorial somewhere? Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers in advance!

I could give you long winded explanations and all, I had to figure this out mostly on my own but based on some oldtimers stuff, Sen, few others ( if you really curious, checking the Omnibus for key words like z axis, multiple heights yields many hits)… Anyway to save you many hours , Merricksdad later came and made a placeholder tileset to greatly simplify the matter… Just use as template…

Fair warning tho, you will eventually get to the edge.2da and figure out that you can’t have edges for all your heights… (mostly) I think (maybe) I figured out a way around that but it’s very cumbersome… Anyway if you get to that point, I’ll be glad to further discuss it with you.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that Merricksdad set a look and see what I can do. Hopefully I can come up with something, although I suspect it’s going to take quite a bit of work…

Anyway thanks again for your help, its much appreciated!

It’s definitely a lot of tiles !
Good luck.
In my case, I had genetilhill, and the raise terrain but that was due to making it cep compatible. CEP had some terrain in there for rural that I had to try and make work together.

I hate to be the one to break the bovine-centric posting in this post, but it made me want to try toro’s tilesets and it is awesome. Great job Toro