Toward reasonable 2-weapon fighting extensions in nwn1

i’ve been playing around w/how to implement the greater 2-weapon fighting and perfect two-weapon fighting feats in nwn1. my first approach has been to use EffectModifyAttacks and penalizing the off-hand attack bonus to make up for the out-of-sequence attack bonuses used. however, this approach suffers from 2 disadvantages ; [1] the modifications don’t at all replicate the exact sequence expected from the SRD feats, and [2] in the case of perfect two-weapon fighting, the character’s ability to hit more difficult opponents is unfairly penalized. so i was wondering if anyone else might have an interesting approach.

my approach so far

the ‘textbook’ greater 2-weapon fighting BAB progression for a 1/1-stepped character at 20th level, assuming most favourable conditions, is

18/13/8/3 18/13/8

what we get w/EffectModifyAttacks alone is

18/13/8/3 18/13/20

i.e., the final attack on the off hand is at +12 more than it should be because it is at full BAB and ignores the off-hand penalty, effectively giving the character a +12 bonus to hit on the last attack.

what i’ve been doing to offset this is simply penalizing the off hand by -4, which results in

18/13/8/3 14/9/16

which is far from ideal, but works [well, basically…] in that although the higher attack in the off hand is penalized by 2, each of the other attacks are at +1. obviously, this does make opponents on the upper end of the scale harder to hit than they otherwise would be, but for squishier opponents, it’s an approach that seems to be a ‘reasonable’ compromise, both to me and to my players.

but perfect two-weapon fighting is a different story, since the skew is so much more pronounced. here, the progression should be

18/13/8/3 18/13/8/3

but w/EffectModifyAttacks alone, it’s actually

18/13/8/3 18/13/20/15

i.e., not one but two attacks per round receive a de facto +12 bonus to hit! and unfortunately, applying a penalty to the off-hand here becomes so draconic as to be unworkable ; it would virtually guarantee that opponents w/higher ac’s would never be hit by off-hand attacks, where they would be w/the real feat.

so, what do you think ? is trying to implement these feats in nwn1 a fool’s errand ? or can you see a way to make it work ?

I believe that those feats are in the PRC. Maybe you can find out how they did it.

great ! i’ll take a look tonight. thanks for the tip.

wow… they’re actually supplanting the engine and managing the entire combat sequence in upper-level scripting, right down to every last swing of the sword… O_O

while in theory that would allow the additional attacks at the correct adjustments, i’m not sure about how well it would perform under load and what kinds of bugs it might introduce. er… new, unknown ones, i mean. :wink:

gonna have to mull that one over. thanks for the tip !