Trainer module that can transfer items between characters?

In NWN1 I use the persistent chest, in Pretty Good Character Creator, to transfer items from one character to another. I do this so I can swap character between modules/chapters in a series.

Is there an NWN2 equivalent? I’d like to play MotB with a different character but have the items I found on the OC.

am working up a small package that can store and retrieve items between modules/campaigns … gimme an hour or so and ill upload it to GoogleDrive. If it works okay perhaps it should go in the Vault

[link obsolete]

Persistent Chest
0.9 beta
2020 dec 30

for Neverwinter Nights 2

A chest that migrates between modules and campaigns. It tracks contained items
in a database.

Unzip "persistent_chest" to your MyDocs /override folder while Nwn2 is NOT

Load your game. Then from the console, enter

(since this is a beta release MAKE A SAVE before doing this)

debugmode 1
rs perchest
debugmode 0

That should create the chest at your feet. Messages should appear in the
chatbox. Open the chest, it should be empty. Place items that you wish to
transfer to other characters into the chest. Closing the chest ought store the
items in three "persistent_chest" files in your MyDocs /database folder.

The chest should disappear when it's closed.

Run the console commands above at any time to invoke the chest with its items.

Note that if the chest is closed empty, the three files in the /database folder
shall be deleted.

Feel free to leverage the etherealness of the chest to store 5 sets of armors
and 20 different weapons, for example. This is an exploit, aka cheating. Have
fun - why not.

Addendum: The storage and retrieval of items is based on their tags, so items
must have a tag to be eligible. But I have no idea what happens if a tag
contains non-alphanumeric characters (or an underscore) - things could go
haywire if they do ...

Items with tags that are already in the "persistent_chest" database are also
disallowed. Watch the chatbox for messages, they could indicate wonkiness,

so prepare to revert to a previous save

Tags that are longer than 32 chars could also be a problem.

hm, i dont think tags can be longer than 32 chars …


Hey Thanks.

Tested and it works for my simple needs.

All I really wanted to do was transfer End of game OC items to another character before import into MotB. It’s not many items since only the items you wear can be transferred. Not looking to subvert the item strip.


The other solution is to keep a save game from any area in SoZ that has a Guest Book. With the exception of the PC for that play-through, you can swap out any of the other party members at will. I keep one save game from end of SoZ at the merchant HQ so I can do equipment swaps and limited in-game crafting any time I want.

That said, I like kevL’s new method and already have an idea of where I might use it.

The other thing you could use Silverwand’s “Deck of Trump’s” which uses SoZ guest book. Then you can bring in which ever saved character that has the equipment you want and then dismiss them.


either way,

2021 jan 2

for those who used 0.9 beta: retrieve your stuff from “persistent_chest” and close your old chest empty. That should delete its database. ( ver 1.0 uses a new database “etherchest” )


This actually solves another small problem as well. Instead of starting the PC in a trainer just to get geared up, I can have a chest set up with my standard preferred equipment and console that in instead.

So if I understand the instructions, I can fill the chest in-game and exit NWN2. If I make a copy of the resulting database files, I can use those to make that same chest of gear appear any time I want?

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hey Gc, yep. Put the gear in and close the chest. Go to /database and copy out the three “etherchest.*” files.

Take the gear out and the 3 files go poof. Put yer copies back in … r&r

@GCoyote but honestly, id just write a script ‘gearup’ …

// 'gearup'
	Console script

// OBJECT_SELF is controlled character
void main()
	object oSelf = OBJECT_SELF;

	CreateItemOnObject("resref1", oSelf, 1);
	CreateItemOnObject("resref2", oSelf, 1);
	CreateItemOnObject("resref3", oSelf, 10);
	// etc ->
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Yes but you are you :wink:

Also I still can’t get the toolset to run on any of my Win10 PCs running Intel graphics. So the easiest solution is to set up an Etherchest for each of my most common PC builds then zip the database files with a unique file name and leave the zip’s in the database folder. Since it works from the console, I can jump out of the game, unzip the chest I need, jump back in and get on with whatever.

Downloading now.

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ah i see …

good luck, if you have any probs with it give a shout,

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And is a success!

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hehe :)

2021 jan 3

version go retrieve your stuff from it and close the chest empty before using
this version! Then delete your old version before installing this one.

@GCoyote sorry if you’ve been creating Starter.zips … but im much happier with the version2 code. Have you thought of, say, keeping a save of a character in UninvitedGuests and using “giveitem resref” to stock him with starter equipment?

use that save to load the chest for others,

No problem. I only had one set up yesterday for testing. After I downloaded the new version I set up three more in a few minutes this afternoon.

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