Transition crashes, when entering buildings with loading screen

Game Version: NWN 2 1.023 (GOG), Mask of the Betrayer, and Storm of Zehir expansions are installed

Game Language: English

Retail or Digital: Digital

Processor Manufacturer: Intel

Processor Type: Intel Core i9-9900k

Processor Speed: 3.6 GHz

Operating System / Service Pack: Windows 11

System RAM: 32 gigs

Video Card Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Video Card Model: 2080 SUPER

Video Card RAM: 8 gigs

Video Card Driver Version: 511.79

Sound Card Manufacturer: Realtek

Sound Card Model: Realtech HD Audio (That’s all the system tells me)

Sound Card Driver Version: 6.0.8960.1

CD/ROM Type: N/A

DVD Type: BD/ROM, and DVD/RW, SATA (1 combo device)

Hard Drive Type: NvME m.2 (at install location)

Free Disk Space: C/328GB (I have other drives, but none of them are used for the game at all).

Power Supply: 850w Bronze, 70a on 12v.

Description: Host machine is almost identical to mine. The only differences are the graphics card, which is a 2080ti with 11GB of video ram, and Windows 10 20H2. The host also has port 5121 forwarded to their machine. No idea if clients should have that too.

During multiplayer games (playing the main campain), transitions into, or out of new buildings (Such as the ruins very early game) causes the client to effectively freeze, while the character stands there, and only the camera can be zoomed in and out. During this time, the host is sitting on a loading screen, that claims it’s waiting for the clients to load.

Disconnecting the client (backing out to the main menu) resumes the game for the host machine, and allows a new direct connection from the client, but the client starts with whatever the saved character had before the first join (in my case nothing at all, at level 1), which is not ideal, when the host of level 5+.

These transition crashes do not happen in single player (or multiplayer, with no clients) for either machine.

The only thing added to the game is the client extension. The game is installed on the C drive outside the program files folder on both machines. Also pretty sure there are no compatibility settings in place on either machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try it without CE. i read there are (can be) some issues …

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Thank you! We added CE, because we thought it was supposed to make multiplayer easier. The only thing it seemed to change, aside from causing crashes, was making the multiplayer login fail time shorter.

How do I mark this as solved?

OP should see a Solution button at the bottom of each post?

Yup. Sorry. I’ve been a little sick the last few days, so my mind isn’t all there. Thanks again!