Transition Crashes

I dunno if I’m just asking a question there’s already an answer to, or if this is just exclusive to me, but whenever I want to go to a location, it usually CTD’s. I was wondering if there were any fixes for this.

Hi there. This will usualy happen if there is not enough space to “land” on the new location. Check your areas and see if they are backed and if your destination waypoint is on walkable ground with enough room.

Well, thank you for the quick reply.

I’m afraid I’m not quite clear what you mean by “backed”. And I am most positive that destination has enough room. The crashes I was referring to only seem to happen in the OC. Any ideas as to why that is?

He meant “baked”, which is the toolset preparing the walkmesh for the area. But since this is the OC baking and insufficient space to land in the area is not a problem.

You might try Skywing’s client extender at, it definitely won’t make things worse.

Also if you aren’t using any overriding content, make sure the override folder is empty.

Ah, well, thank you, but it appears neither of those options are working for me. It may be due to my modification midway through the game. It seems I may have to restart from scratch. In any case, thank you for your help.

Ops yea I meant baked. What would be modification during the game? Our of interest.

Ah, right. So I have a bunch of texture mods, weaponry mods, armor mods, TonyK’s AI mod, Charlie’s UI, Charlie’s Item Modifier, Charlie’s Appearance Modifier and Expansion Patch (and all required mods for the extended version), NENs Final Face Head Hair pack, Universal Companions, and Xaltar’s Facepack.

I also ran with NWN2 Plot Fixes, which I think had a lot to do with my crashing issue. It also had some story alterations I was not a fan of, so I removed it around Port Llast, and here I am now.

Looking back on all of this, I guess it would have been stranger if it did run, but it actually did for a time.

Plot Fixes, not good … it’s egregious.

the others are probly pretty happy together (tho some things might override other things)

you’ve got DirectX 9c installed right?

Uh oh.

Yeah, Plot Fixes kinda screwed me over.

I’m on Windows 10, so I’m pretty sure instead of 9, I have 12.

it’s not an upgrade per se. There are files (or whatever) that Dx9.0c has that Nwn2 needs.

but you probly installed 9c while installing Nwn2 … just something to be wary of, since random crashes will occur without it,

Alright, thanks for the heads up.