Transition from Server to Server

Greetings again. Does anyone know the ins and outs for a player character to transition from one server to another server? For instance, if I have a Western Server, is there a way for a player to hit a transition/portal/door that would log him out of the western world and port him into another active eastern world (both under my control, of course)? I hope I’m articulating that appropriately.

My goal is to not make one module/server top heavy but to distribute the load across two. Not sure if that’s possible under EE.

You’ll want to use the ActivatePortal() function. You can read more about it here:

I’m not entirely sure how this works with servervault characters - i.e. whether or not you’ll need a shared servervault between the server instances. Guess you can try it without, and see what happens.

I did see that ActivatePortal function, but I assumed that was for single player going from one module to the next (eg, NWN Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc). But that seems like a starting point.

And Yes, it seems like the server vault would need to be shared so as to persist across both servers. I’m not entirely sure how that would be navigated, though.

if you use nwnx, you should check out vaultster. afaik nwnee has incorporated some of the nwnx tree, so they might have this tech integrated. if not you might want to consider using nwn1.69 + nwnx.

Would triggering a ExportSingleCharacter() on the target server as an OnClientEnter event work to keep the server vaults in sync?

Slightly OT, but is there a thread with some sort of status about where things stand between NWN:EE and NWNx? I.e., what functionality has been ported over (there was talk of MySQL databases on EE, etc.) and what the state of any plans to have EE run under NWNx, etc?

@MrZork NWNX for 1.69 will not work on EE. But EE has its own NWNX ( that’s a separate project and not directly compatible with the old one (however, most servers that migrated didn’t have too much trouble adapting). There are also a few other projects that act as a lighter NWNX for windows.

Best place to ask questions and follow the status of the NWNX projects in EE is discord: