Transition Problem in Mod

I am having problem with the first transition to another area in Calm before the Storm (REMAKE).mod.

If I use NWN, the transition shows up and is clickable. However, in the Enhanced Edition 8193.5, the area does not show as clickable so I can’t progress with the game.

The specific transition is from Flevy Village to the West Forest.

@Proleric, I noticed that you commented on the Project page that the “transition bug in EE which has been fixed” - looks like it might be back. Are you able to shed any light on this.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this issue or am I forced to start again using the old NWN.

Many thanks for any help.

Can’t really add to that - did you raise a ticket?

@Proleric, yes, raised a ticket.

I have noticed that I don’t seem to get any responses from tickets that I have raised.

Are you using the new Service Desk?

I’ve generally had a response to the most serious issues within a few working days or so.

No - I didn’t know about it. I was using NWN:EE Public Bugs (

I have just submitted my latest two issues via the link you provided.

Many thanks for letting me know.

There was this post over on the BD forums back in October - Beamdog Support is moving to Service Desk. AFAIK after the date of that post all bug reports were supposed to go to the new destination.


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Just for info, I tried the Mod with the latest Dev patch and the transition area still doesn’t highlight.

@Proleric, got no response from the new support forum for any of the issues I raised.