Transparent Cloak Problem

I have noticed that some cloaks appear transparent in the Inventory. They may have a border that has a colour, but the rest is transparent. Unfortunately, I can’t recall when the issue started.

In-game, I can use a dye to change the colour, which removes the transparency.

Is this a known problem, or does anyone know how to resolve this?

Many thanks for any help and suggestions.

Could you upload one of the affected inventory icons? I’d like to take a look.

Many thanks for responding.

Where do I find the affected inventory icon? In my current game, the problem occurs on a Cloak of Protection vs Evil.

I see the same problem in NWN and EE.

Cloak appearances are listed in cloakmodel.2da. Checking the default cloak blueprints, the cloak of Protection vs Evil uses appearance number 5 - “Hooded”. The inventory icons for cloaks are named “icloak_m_###.plt”.

Is this the default state of the cloak you’re seeing:


If it is, and the cloak is using the default PLT inventory icon which isn’t really known for causing this kind of issue, it’d make sense to search for the suspect elsewhere, like in the graphics drivers or other installed mods. :thinking:

If there are custom icons involved, though, it’d make sense to dig out the inventory icon .plt and check it over for any obvious setup errors. Do you have any mods installed that include custom inventory icons or inventory icon overrides, or add cloak appearances, or change the colour palette?

Updating the graphics drivers is probably a good thing to try, too. Nvidia drivers have been up to shenanigans with not rendering skinmeshes recently, resulting in invisible robes. It doesn’t seem super likely to be the same thing, since the inventory icon is a separate kind of thing from the model entirely, but it’s something you can try.

This has in the past been a graphics card driver problem. Are your’s up to date?


Many thanks for your responses.

There was a recent driver update, but that was not the problem.

@TheBarbarion, based on your comments, I started tracking down mods I had installed that changed textures and things. Turns out that the problem mod was Ursul’s Palette Mods - so the problem probably started when I installed that mod. Uninstalled it and all is well.