Trigger not working on creatures (OnEnter...)

I prefer to use underscore_function_names in executable scripts for convenience and XYZ_CamelCaseFunctionNames in library scripts for blending with baseline nwscript. It seems to strike a good balance.

Just why they didn’t put such helpers in the standard library (or maybe they did?)…

float Float(int iInt=0, string sString="")
	return (iInt != 0) ? IntToFloat(iInt) : StringToFloat(sString);


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There are no hard rules here, but most of us loosely follow Bioware’s coding standards for legibility, so you don’t have to put a new head on when reading a custom snippet within an official original…

…though anyone who doesn’t use Polish notation can expect a nocturnal visit from Momo…

(One of these statements is fake news).