“Tristram Cathedral” from Diablo (1996) (For NWN:EE)

Just wanted to show off the progress of the Tristram Cathedral for NWN:EE. I will upload the custom Hak Pak with the files needed to use this in any of your Diablo modules when it is fully ready.


Wow! Fantastic! Eagerly looking forward to it. It might be too late, but I must point out that the back of the church, i.e. the nave is missing one or two side doors. In Diablo, you can’t see the back but in real-world cathedrals, there is always at least one side door in the back for the priests to enter and typically two – one on each side of the nave.

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Just a quick render in 3DS Max. Wanted to see how close I got it. Thinking of baking in Lighting and Shadows with a Complete Map and setting my NWN:EE module to Night all the time. Try to get the moon lighting right and shadow positions and I think it might just work pretty good.



A Diablo module would be so cool. The cathedral is atmospheric in Diablo with the lovely lighting effects.
But always thought the creepy music did the trick once you’ve inside.