“Tristram Village" from Diablo (1996) (For NWN:EE)

Progress on the town of Tristram from Diablo. Wanted to do a render in 3DS Max and try to get it as close as possible (Though Still a Draft) tot he original game, at least in lighting, shadows, shadow angles, light angles, and light colors and brightness, as well as actual town shape and size. Bit off but it works. Will be using this with the Diablo Cathedral in a Custom Hak Pak when it is ready. I’m still working out kinks and some walk mesh and shadow issues currently, as well as trying to balance texture resolution across the board. The models however are insanely optimized even for NWN so that will not be an issue.

3DS Max 2022 Render.

Actual in Game Town Render for Diablo (1996)


Is this going into a tileset?

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No just used as placeables at the moment. I don’t know anything about creating tilesets just yet.

Ah ok, feel free to ask me any questions on the process. If you are using max it also has a tile slicing function to chop it up for ya.

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OK thank you will do. :slight_smile: been glancing at some info on it so might give it a shot someday.

If you don’t mind I’d like to talk back and forth more about tilesets, but idk if we can direct message on here? I’m still new to this forum. I got some tutorials, but would be nice to ask somebody from time to time who’s done it before if a unique problem arises. I can model a lot and if somebody more experienced could use or help with the ideas or models I can make, we might be able to make a Diablo themed tileset or others. I use a mix of 3DS Max, ZBrush, Mudbox, Revit, Quixel Mixer, Photoshop, ShaderMap 4, RyzomUV, and Substance Painter.

Yeah join our dark sun mod discord and ask away https://discord.gg/QhZagaGR im always on there so you can just ask in the tileset channel or message me direct.

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