Trouble Hiding Conversation Option

Using Lilac’s script gen tool, and I’m not finding a option to only show a conversation option IF the PC is in a party. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

How do you mean? You mean like if it’s multiplayer or something like similar?

I’ve used Lilac’s script tool countless times but…

Yes. If PC is in a multiplayer Party on the server, show the conversation option. Else hide it.

Maybe check the NWN Lexicon if there’s a function that covers it?

EDIT: Hmm, can’t find any such funtion. As I only work in NWN2, I don’t always know how these kind of things work in NWN1. Actually, I don’t know how these kind of things work with NWN2 either, since I only make single player modules.

GetNumberPartyMembers will return a number greater than one if the PC is in a party.

return (GetNumberPartyMembers(GetPCSpeaker()) > 1);

Interesting. I tried searching for “party” on the Lexicon but apparently you have to know extactly the function name for it to show up. Quite strange. This function is in NWN2 too, but just as in NWN1, it’s in the include library x0_i0_partywide.

In the Lexicon righthand menu, Functions > Party lists all the functions in that category. That’s how I find functions without knowing the name.

Using the filter in the toolset is another way - though naming conventions are a bit random.