Trouble patching

Hi all. I’m having a problem trying to patch to 1.69. I was looking through old hard drives and found NWN1 (with XP1 and 2) installed from 20 years ago. I simply copied the game folder to my current computer and have no problems running the game. However it’s 1.68 and I’d like to install the 1.69 patch. When running the 1.69 installer (downloaded from the Vault), it says “Neverwinter Nights is not found.” I’m guessing this is because Windows doesn’t have it listed as an installed app. I copied the game folder to Program Files (x86) on a Windows 11 computer.

Is there any workaround for this? I probably have the original CD’s in a box somewhere, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do a re-install. Thanks in advance for any ideas and advice!

It can’t find the game because no registry keys exist for it. Buy the Enhanced Edition - usually on sale for $5 on Steam or Gog or direct from Beamdog. You get tons of new content and improvements plus the EE comes with NWN Diamond/1.69 if you prefer to play that.

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@Fizzlefest I learned from @Tarot_Redhand that NWN:EE is free at Amazon Prime gaming. So if you have Amazon Prime, you can get the game free.

Visit Prime Gaming and click the tab “Weekly Gaming.”


Thank you both for the quick responses. Wasn’t looking to repurchase and reinstall, but you can’t beat free! And now I’ll have all the bells and whistles, woohoo! Thanks! :smiley:

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See this thread for details.


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Yes the 1.69 patch executable can be opened and extracted by 7zip. Then you can just manually copy&replace the files.

That being said, it is better to buy Enhanced Edition.


Thanks for mentioning Amazon Prime Gaming. I did not know about it. I will have to check it out.

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If you do happen to want to run 1.69 (because there are servers on 1.69 which cannot be reached by the Enhanced Edition - you need NWNCX in order to connect to them), The solution is either a registry key entry (unfortunately, I don’t remember what the key name is offhand, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere) or to do as suggested by Shadooow by extracting the files and manually installing them.
Basically, there’s a registry key which “points to” the NWN folders and the 1.69 update installer requires that key in order to find the right place to install the files, otherwise you have to extract and install them manually.

Yes I used to do that with registry key myself but I lost the file, plus the file has to be changed to point to correct path, which requires some knowledge and effort to do. Therefore I didn’t mention this method.

EDIT: I found the registry file.

Save this as nwn.reg and change the path to match where you have your NWN 1.69, then execute it and confirm.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Neverwinter Nights registry
; Generated by