Trouble with doors

I’m a novice builder having trouble with doors. I have tried a new tile set from the list I have to choose from and I think its corrupted or not compatible with the server mod I have . I try to make a door for a castle and the door changes as I place it and is replaced with another door and I get a message the selected model dose not exist please choose another one. Not sure how to fix this issue , I sure hope I don’t have to remake the whole area . Any ideas.

The simplest fix (i.e. bodge) is to right-click on the door, then choose a Generic Appearance that you like. You may not be able to find one that matches the original exactly, but maybe you can find one that looks OK.

The root cause is usually an issue with the doortypes.2da file. For example, perhaps the tileset hak contains a version of doortypes.2da which includes custom doors for that tileset, which is being over-ridden by doortypes.2da in a higher priority hak. In that case, you’d need to merge the 2da files, placing the merged version in a top hak.

If that doesn’t help, ask again, as there are tileset experts on this site who know far more than I do about this.

Ok thank you I am not really sure if I know how to merg haks, do I just copy files from one hak to the other hak that has priority .

There’s a tutorial here:
The comments provide useful info, too.

Hi, @Dracdevilen,

Looks like you have tileset - specific doors here (author put some custom door - model for this tile in both hak and doortypes.2da, sole merge of haks won’t work, other changes are required). Luckily, it takes only editing text and putting it back into the hak.
You will need:

  • name of the tile with door. Check it in Game Editor or NWN Explorer.
  • .set file of the hak you are editing (you can use either nwhak.exe utility, which comes with the game, or NWN Explorer to extract it)
  • text editor of your choice (even Wordpad will do)

OK. Open .set file. Find the name of the tile and corresponding door. Change the type to “0” if you want generic door, save and repack into hak. That’s all - if you have only one door for this tile. If not, locate which one you will change

Example from my old work:
.set file is named Vardo.set
tile model to change is “mti_a01”

Thanks for everyone’s advice , I got it now …on to the testing of the area.