Troubleshooting the CEP 2.6x

I can’t seem to find the thread related to testing the conversion from 2.65 to 2.67, so Mods please feel free to re-associate wherever… and I know I’m 4 months late to this, but life finds a way…

The cep_ext_tilesee – is that to replace the cep_ext_tiles if one is using EE? or simply to augment by placing on top of the orig in the hak order?

The latter.

Simply put, EE adds a few tiles with tile numbers that are already in use by CEP 2.

If you don’t use cep2_ext_tiles, no problem.

If you already have cep2_ext_tiles, the choice is

  • Do nothing - the new EE tiles are unavailable
  • Add cep2_ext_tilesee above it - both EE and CEP tiles become available

Worth checking out the hak order documentation in the docs folder for 2.67 which gives detail of the tiles in question, and potential issues for existing builds.

If you choose the second option, the hak order is


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For some reason, CEP 2.67 can’t be opened with NwnPacker.

I believe that is an NWN2 tool. Read the warnings for NWN1 users here.

The CEP 2 archive can be extracted with the latest 7zip or RAR.

If you need to work with the haks after extraction, you can use the official nwhak tool or NWNExplorer.

Here’s another issue I discovered some time ago, but this was present with 2.65:

It’s with VFX: Spurts, Lava*

The issue is it appears to spurt lava when placed in the toolset, but in game it does nothing. I’ve experimented with different tilesets, different heights, etc, but the end result is it’s a dead vfx in-game. Below is a toolset and game view:

Anyways, it’s a nice accompaniment to go with the placeable lava sections the CEP has.

You got the Static box unchecked?

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Exactly - it works fine for me, unless static.


Forehead slap (x50). I knew that, and forgot I knew that. Thanks for helping this old man remember!

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You are not alone. I did the exact same thing a few years ago with this placeable effect. :smiley: