True name scroll scripts

Hi all. Out of curiosity I wanted to see how the true name scrolls were used in the OC. To my surprise, it looks as simple as it gets. I always thought that there was some complicated mechanic hidden there (mainly casting time-wise), but it appears all they did is create the spell with a casting time of 28.500 (28.5 secs) and some general determine combat round things. Am I missing something?

Also, I don’t remember because I played the OC years ago. If you move Jero or the cleric during the casting, does it break? Or do they become un-controllable while casting it? From what I see they only took care of the companion not being owned or currently controlled by the PC.

Lastly, in the script i_nwn2_it_plot_truename_ac there is a call to a function SetHasPlayerQueuedAction. My script assist doesn’t reveal it, and a thorough search in the includes of the item script does neither. What the hell :sweat_smile:?

In any case, I wanted to achieve something similar but I think I will go with progress bars instead. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the true name out of curiosity. Cheers.

Edit, moved from general natter.

not sure, but Get/SetHasPlayerQueuedAction() is in ‘ginc_companion’