True Vision and Light EE by the Grymlorde

True Vision and Light EE by the Grymlorde
Want your PCs to be blinded when under the effect of a blindness spell? How about in darkness when under a darkness? Well who wouldn’t, right?

And what about those of use who want to play NWN under 3rd edition D&D rules which NWN was actually based on? In other words, why are the lights so bright?!? Torches and light spells are supposed to be only 20’ of good light with 20’ of shadows. And for that matter, in 3rd edition darkvision gives excellent vision in the dark up to 60’ away but NWN gives. . .?

And for folks who prefer the Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal, and Rules Encylopedia rules, wouldn’t it be nice to have light spells, torches, and infravision that match those rules?

Well check out my True Vision and Light EE packages! There’s a D&D 3rd edition version, a BECMI version, and a true metric version of the BioWare lights and vision. All built upon the Enhanced Edition of NWN and Symphony’s HDR shader replacement.

Oh and for those of us who prefer “realism” whenever possible, according to an article published in Popular Mechanics in the late 19th century, torches give off a good light for 10-20 yard radius, depending on how clear the night is — in other words, Holmes got it right when he wrote the first rule for D&D torches giving off 30’ of light in the dungeon. So please use my BX package for “realistic” light and vision.

Updated to version 1.01 wherein I removed Symphony’s HDR shader. His shader is no longer need with the latest (.15) patch for EE released today.

Also, the “object sometimes stays green” bug is now gone, thanks to the changes in reset lighting.